A Daughter Surprises Her Mother With A Gift That Will Leave Her Speechless

Losing a loved one just before the holidays can be extremely challenging. Find out what a daughter gifted her mother to cheer her up.


The holidays are the perfect time to spend with our family. However, some families have to live with the loss of a loved one. It can be extremely hard to spread the holiday cheer if you’re dealing with grief. Breanne and her family suffered abrupt losses right before the holidays. Find out how she turned this sorrowful series of events into the best Christmas ever.

1. Breanne Esplana loves to spend time with her family


Breanne Esplana, from Redwood City, California loves spending time with her family and creating lasting memories with them.

2. Breanne and her brother are extremely close


Breanne and her brother Johnny are extremely close. They even had a Youtube channel where they would post funny videos of them in various silly scenarios.

3. The two siblings are also extremely close to their mother Margaret

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Family time is extremely important for Breanne, her brother and their mother Margaret. They have an incredibly close bond and enjoy spending time together.

4. In 2013, Margaret’s mother was diagnosed with lung cancer

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In 2013, the whole family got devastating news: Margaret’s mother was diagnosed with advanced lung cancer. The family never lost hope and was always there for Margaret’s mother.

5. Unfortunately, Margaret lost her battle to cancer a few months later


Seven months later, she died and the whole family was devastated, especially Margaret. Breanne told everyone that she had the best grandmother in the world.

6. Having lost another family member months before Margaret, the family was extremely heartbroken

Margaret Sims / Facebook

The worst part is that the family had lost Margaret’s father just a few months earlier. Losing both parents so close together was shattering for her since she had to cope with two losses.

7. Breanne decided to do something special for her mother to cheer her up


Breanne decided to do something special to honour her grandparent’s memory for the holidays. Her plan would show her mother how much she loved her.

8. Every year, the family made homemade Christmas ornaments

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Every year, Breanne’s family would craft Christmas ornaments to add to their tree. They never bought store bought decorations.

9. Breanne created two special ornaments for Christmas 2013

Margaret Sims/Facebook

Breanne created two special ornaments to honour her grandparent’s memory. Margaret was extremely touched by her daughter’s thoughtful gesture.

10. An unfortunate thing happened the next year

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Another tragic event happened the next year, the family’s storage unit was broken into and all the family ornaments were stolen.

11. They lost everything they had made


All the ornaments were gone, even the ones that had been passed down from Margaret’s parents. The loss was too much for the family.

12. Breanne turned this obstacle into an opportunity

Instead of being sad and doing nothing, Breanne decided to be proactive and turn this whole situation around. She made a plan and shared it with her brother and other family members but not her mother.

13. The whole family was in on it (except Margaret, of course)


The whole family was in on it, and worked hard to recreate all the ornaments that were stolen. They even went to the mall to take pictures with Santa.

14. The family got down to work and started their Christmas project

Johnny Magick/Youtube

Old family photos, glue, cardboard paper, they got to work and created beautiful and memory-filled ornaments for Margaret.

15. Christmas day was finally here, the whole family was excited to surprise Margaret


Finally! Christmas day was here. Everyone opened their presents, keeping Margaret’s surprise for the end. She had no idea what her family had in store for her.

16. Margaret closed her eyes, without a clue of her children’s incredible surprise


Margaret closed her eyes and waited. She was excited to open her gift but had no idea what it was.

17. Margaret started to cry


Once she opened the gift, her eyes filled with tears and she smiled. Breanne’s gift was a hit.

18. Margaret was crying of joy each time she unwrapped one of the new ornaments


Margaret couldn’t stop crying! Every time she would open a new ornament, more tears would flow. All her family members and memories were immortalized on these ornaments.

19. The new ornaments would completely fill the tree

The tree would be filled with Breanne’s creations. Margaret hugged her daughter and thanked her for her incredible idea.

20. Breanne and her siblings pulled off the best Christmas surprise

This was the best Christmas ever. Margaret was so thankful and so moved that her kids put this much effort to recreate their stolen ornaments. Breanne succeeded in bringing joy on Christmas even after the tragic year they lived.