These 6 jobs will no longer exist in a few years

Not all jobs have a future. Here are some jobs w'ont be around in few years.


It is no secret that the job market is changing. Some jobs are created while others simply disappear. If you are looking for a new job or are simply curious to know which jobs may no longer exist in a few years, here are 6 jobs from which you should stay away… In fact, these jobs will probably no longer exist within 10 years.

1. Retail Cashier

You may have noticed that we have seen fewer and fewer cashiers in stores in recent years. This trend will continue to grow over the next ten years. You will see more and more self-service checkouts and, consequently, fewer cashiers.

2. Telemarketer

Since people use their smartphones more to check their emails and send SMS than to talk, telemarketing has also evolved. In 10 years, we should no longer see people doing telemarketing by phone. Everything will be done by email.

3. Travel Agent

People are making less and less use of travel agents since the rise of the Internet. Indeed, it is possible to find travel packages on the Internet without too much difficulty. There are also many articles and websites to help us shop for our trips online.

4. Taxi Driver

In recent years, transportation service has been available through applications such as UBER. The profession of a taxi driver is therefore in danger of disappearing, unless they adapt to this type of technology.

5. Publishers and Printers

This is not surprising: the printed media are disappearing. Why? Why? Because most people now simply read their newspapers and books on their smartphones. Although it is sad that the paper industries are disappearing, we can be pleased to hear that new jobs are being created in digital companies!

6. Postal Workers

Since the advent of the Internet, people are using the postal service less and less. Why send a letter when you can send an email? In addition, several private companies have begun to expand in this market for the shipment of commercial packages. The job of postman is therefore likely to disappear within 10 years.