Eat These 8 Foods to Lose Belly Fat

And if eating could help you shed a few pounds, especially in the stomach region? Add these 8 foods to your diet to help you lose belly fat.


We all know it by now: abs are made in the kitchen. But knowing and actually applying a theory are two very different things. Need some help to get started? Here are 8 foods to consume in order to change your lifestyle and shed some belly fat.

1. Water and tea

Alright, so that’s not technically food. But it is indispensable, so these two items still get to be first place on the list. Staying hydrated is key to any weight loss and to maintain good health. Drink water and herbal teas as much as you want, as long as it is caffeine-free and unsweetened.

2. Fruits

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In order to lose fat, you must cut all sugars. Thankfully, there is one exception to the rule: fruits. Deliciously sweet, fruit contains natural sugars which are good for you as opposed to refined ones. It also has fiber which makes you feel full sooner.

3. Vegetables

Forget about Skittles and eat the rainbow with vegetables.Eat them raw, steamed, roasted… It does not matter as long as you eat them. Low in calories, high in fiber and nutrient dense, there is nothing not to love. They even taste great, just give them a chance.

4. Meat

Or rather protein. Whether you decide to go vegetarian and opt for beans, seitan, tempeh and legumes or stick with lean meat, makes sure that your diet includes enough good quality protein without overdoing it.

7. Chia seeds

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Put chia seeds in your baked goods, on your smoothies, yogourt, oatmeal, etc. They are a perfect addition to your diet. Filled with nutrients, they are also a source of protein, healthy fats and viscous fiber. But stick to about 3 tablespoons a day.

8. Healthy fats

Yes, fats. But not any kind. The good kind. Chose the healthy options while still trying to reduce your fat intake. Opt for lean meats and eat avocados and nuts as a source of fat. Also, try to cook with high-quality olive and coconut oil.

Source: Food Eat Safe