You Won’t Believe Why She Applies Lip Balms Everywhere

Every single woman has a lip balm in her purse. Even if we use it to hydrate our lips, this product has other great uses.


We use lip balm to hydrate our lips and maybe to add a little bit of shine to our lips. However, there are other ways to use this great hydrating stick.

1. Prevent blisters

When buying a new pair of shoes, we often have to deal with small blisters before our feet get used to our shoes. Sometimes the shoes are too small, and sometimes they are too big. In any case, we often end up getting blisters on our heels because of the friction. By applying a lip balm in the areas that irritate our feet, it is easier to walk without feeling any pain.

2. Removing a ring

Not being able to remove a ring on one of your finger often happens. The soap technique works well, but you can also try removing your ring with a lip balm. Simply apply it on your ring finger and the ring will easily slip off.

3. Repair leather and make it shine

If you have marks on your leather accessories like on your leather belt, your boots or your coat, all you need to do it to rub some balm on the leather to eliminate the marks. The leather will also be shinier.

4. Help small wounds heal

Lip balms help reduce the tingling sensation on your wounds and eliminates redness.

5. Relieve your nose during a cold

You have probably already tried this trick. When you have a cold and you blow your nose 800 times a day, your nose can easily become dry and crack. In order to keep its hydration and avoid redness, apply some balm after you blow your nose.

6. Make a candle

Insert a match in the wax to make yourself a DIY candle. In emergency situations, you will always have a source of light.

7. Light a fire

Put some balm on a cotton ball and light it up with a lighter. The oil in the lip balm will make the flame bigger.

8. Lubricate a zipper

If your zipper does not work as well anymore, a little bit of lip balm can help make it move up and down faster.

9. Make your perfume last longer

Apply some lip balm where you usually put your perfume. The scent will be stronger and will last longer.

10. Eliminate static

Put a bit of your lip balm on your hair brush or on your eyebrow brush to make your hair smooth and to eliminate static. It will also make your eyebrows look neat and tidy.

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