She Puts Cornstarch Everywhere and You’ll Be Astonished Why

Did you know that cornstarch can help you do more than reduce your sauce? Here are other ways to use this product.


Cornstarch is very practical in the kitchen. We use it to reduce our sauces. It is also a good alternative to wheat flour in many recipes. Did you know that you could use it outside the kitchen? Indeed, it is quite possible to make use of this product in all kinds of useful ways. Here are 10 amazing ways to use this food every day. 

1. Tackle bad odours

Crédit: Astuces de grand-mère

Cornstarch, like baking soda, helps fight bad smells because they absorb them. To get rid of unwanted odours in your shoes, sprinkle a little cornstarch inside (or maize starch). Let the product work overnight and vacuum your shoes the next day.

2. Get rid of stains on your carpet or your couch

Did you get a stain on your rug or couch? Know that you can get rid of them with this product. Simply sprinkle some on the stain, let the product stand overnight and remove the next day with your vacuum.

3. Say goodbye to grease stains on leather


You can remove a grease stain on leather with cornstarch. Again, sprinkle this product on the stain to be cleaned, let it work overnight and dust or vacuum it the next day. If you decide to dust it off your leather, use a brush with soft bristles.

4. Clean a fabric stained with oil

Astuces de grand mère

It is also possible to clean an oily stained cloth by sprinkling it with cornstarch, leaving the product to work overnight and removing it the next day with a brush or a vacuum.

5. Your floors creak? Here is what to do

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If you have a problem with a cracking floor or creaking stairs, why not fix it with cornstarch?

  • Sprinkle cornstarch where you hear creaking wood.
  • With a delicate brush, make sure it penetrates well into the joints of your floor or staircase. It must also penetrate through the gaps.
  • By penetrating through the gap, cornstarch will reduce the noise caused by wood rubbing against each other.

6. Whiten your curtains and linings

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Are your curtains and linings not as white as they used to be? Simply put them in the washing machine, and add 3 tablespoons of cornstarch!

7. Tackle knots

Alimentation – Ooreka

You can overcome a tight knot by coating it with cornstarch. Once that is done, shake it so that this one penetrates in its interstices. You should then be able to loosen your knot easily.

8. Make your silverware shine

Here is a homemade recipe to make your silverware sparkle:

  • Mix ½ glass of water and 4 teaspoons cornstarch in a bowl.
  • It should form a paste.
  • With a cloth, rub your silverware and wait for it to dry.
  • Take a clean, slightly damp cloth and rub again to remove excess dough.

9. Replace your deodorant with it


Cornstarch is a good alternative to deodorant. You can put it under your armpits to absorb perspiration and prevent bad smells.

10. This is a great way to tackle oily hair

Montceau NewsCornstarch can help you tackle greasy hair just like a dry shampoo. Just put some on your hair and massage it in so you don’t see it anymore. Then brush your hair to remove the excess. Easy and affordable!