26 Beautiful Girl’s First Names Forgotten Throughout The Years

Moms and dads are always looking for a unique first name that will be original while fitting perfectly. Here are some names that used to be popular, were somewhat forgotten over the years, but are now making a come back.


It’s never easy when the time comes to find the perfect first name for a baby. Looking at names can become arduous, but rare old names that are still beautiful could be inspiring. Names, just like any other fashion, come and go in terms of popularity. Here are some girl’s names that have been gone for a while but are now making a come back. This list contains plenty of absolutely adorable names that are perfect for little girls. Get inspired, and remember, naming your daughter is a very significant investment in her future. Donating your time and energy to research her name is one of the best things you can do for her.

1. Louisa

Louisa is a name from Latin origins that can roughly be translated into “famous warrior”, or “renowned warrior”. The name made it to the US Top 1000 most popular names in 2014, after an absence of 45 years. With such a powerful name, your kid could be destined for power and greatness. A future attorney, maybe? President? Only time will tell.

2. Georgia

The feminine variation of “George” simply means farmer. This English name is currently quite popular, being the 223rd most given baby name in 2018 in the US.

3. Leona

Here is another great name: Leona, meaning “lioness” in Latin, is born to impress and dominate. With such a name, it wouldn’t be surprising if she made her way to become a CEO, a renowned scholar or inventor.

4. Pamela

Here’s a very sweet name: Pamela. It literally means “all honey”. Your Pam could be predestined to take care of others and develop innovative solutions for today and tomorrow’s problems. A future doctor? Engineer? Specialist? Activist? Who knows.

5. Anita

Anita is the Spanish version of “Ana”, meaning “grace, unguided”. It is not that popular today, but it’s still in the top 1000 most popular baby names in the US.

6. Joyce

Joyce means “merry”, or “joyous” in Latin. Who will she be?  A famous singer? CEO of a wellness company? University professor? Only time will tell.

7. Hattie

Hattie is an English name meaning “estate ruler”. With such a name, one seems to be predestined for business success. You might think real estate broker, but we’ll say real estate magnate or CEO. Think big!

8. Roseanne

This cute combination of Rose and Anne, the French variation of Ann, is making a comeback within the hipster community. It’s still not in the Top 1000, but it could be within the next few years. The trend is there.

9. Janet


“God’s gracious gift”; that’s Janet for you. Who will she be? Will she help people? Work in the health or medical field? NGO field?

10. Bonnie

Your little Bonnie will be “charming, pretty, beautiful”, or at least according to the Scottish signification of her name.

11. Dorothy


Dorothy is “a vision, a gift of God” if you were to believe the Greek signification of her name. May she be the next UN general secretary, Nobel peace prize winner or world leader.

12. Eleanora

The Spanish form of Eleanor is back! The name is of royal origin and combines elegance and style. Baby Eleanora is born for success.

13. Betty


Baby Betty could be Baby Elizabeth; Betty is, in fact, the short version of Elizabeth, which means “pledged to God”. Little Betty can only do great with such a name, making her way to college, university and, why not, her Ph.D.

14. Etta

Here’s yet another name that means “estate ruler”. The name has consistently been in the 1000 most popular baby names in the US for the last 130 years, although it is closer to being number 1000 than number 1.

15. Odessa

Odessa is a name from Russian and Greek origins. It is commonly associated with wandering, discovering and journeys in general. Your little Odessa could explore the world, become a great writer or travel agency owner. Who knows!

16. Daisy

Daisy is a girl’s name meaning “Day’s eye”. It’s very popular, being the 169th most given name in the US last year. Daisys don’t seem to be predestined for anything specific. Astronaut, corporate lady, trading expert, professional fundraiser, optometrist… the sky is the limit!

17. Polly

Did you know Polly is a diminutive of Mary? That Mary itself means “bitter”? Interesting, right? Anyway, Polly is a cute and short name that doesn’t seem to be associated with much, except maybe Polly Pockets. But people will forget about these pretty soon, no?

18. Delphine


Delphine is a name of French/Greek origins meaning “dolphin”. We can just picture a calm, yet creative child with such a name. A future scientist? Researcher? Artist?

19. Tabitha


Here is a name origin we don’t often see: Aramaic. Tabitha means “gazelle” in the language. Somehow we associate this name with academic success. Tabitha could make her way far, past college, past university, past Ph.D.; maybe she’ll be a renowned professor.

20. Gloria

This glorious name doesn’t mean to be explained. With such a name, your daughter is definitely destined for great things. CEO?

21. Shirley

Shirley means “bright meadow” in old English. Shirleys seem to have endless possibilities if we just have a look at what famous Shirleys did: writer, diplomat, actress, singer, congresswoman, film director, activist, lawyer…

22. Kitty

“Pure”. That’s what the English diminutive of Katherine means. Kitty seems to be a name for a sweet person, one that will do good around her. Medical field? Education? NGO?

23. Hazel

Hazel comes from the Hazelnut tree and is currently the 42nd most popular baby name in the US.

24. Constance

Constance is of Latin origin, meaning “steadfastness”. We might not know what the future holds for Constance, but if we are to believe her name, she will be consistent and dedicated to what and who she loves.

25. Opal


Opal means “gem” in Sanskrit. Opals were believed to be Zeus’ tears in ancient Greece, that’s quite precious!

26. Marguerite


Marguerite is French for “Margaret” or “Daisy”, which we’ve also put on our list. Marguerites are born for adventure, like the famous Saint Marguerite who set up schools in the Quebec wilderness in the 17th century. We’ll add to that Marguerites are brave and bold, just like the famous author Marguerite Duras.

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