25 Things You Didn’t Know About Everyday Objects

Thought you knew everything about anything? Find out the real purpose of these 25 everyday objects and prepare to be mind blown.


We use everyday objects so often that we never ask ourselves if these objects have a second purpose or can be used in completely different ways. If you have a curious mind and a thirst for knowledge, read below to find out the real purpose of these 25 objects you use almost every single day. A smart investment of your time, we promise!

1. Spaghetti spoon

Simple Most

The main purpose of this hole is to filter the pasta and let the water flow, but be aware that on most spoons, the hole is about the perfect size of a portion of spaghetti. That’s right, you can get the perfect serving size this way, no more excuse. We’re talking to you, college freshman!

2. #57 on the Heinz Ketchup bottle


Bottled Ketchup bottles look pretty and retro but they are actually a pain in the butt. Getting Ketchup out of this glass bottle is a difficult task…until now. The #57 is actually there to help you get your precious Ketchup. Put the bottle upside down, place it at a 45-degree angle and tap (hard) #57 for a generous flow of your favourite condiment. We wish everything was as simple and easy as that. Instead, we have to deal with our car loan, our credit score, our medical insurance and much more… yikes.

3. Codes on toothpaste tubes


No matter what toothpaste you buy, you’ll always notice a coloured bar at the end of the tube. This is actually a color code.

  • Black means your toothpaste is made of chemicals only.
  • Red means it’s made of chemical and natural ingredients.
  • Blue means it’s composed of natural and medicinal ingredients.
  • Green means it’s entirely natural.

4. Soda/water plastic cap

Wikimedia Commons

Have you ever wondered what this little plastic circle is for? It is there to create a seal and thus keeping all the content of your bottle, both liquid and carbonate, fresh. Without this piece of plastic, your soda would be flat in no time. While we know some people don’t mind flat carbonated drinks (although we don’t understand them), we’d rather get something carbonated when we purchase soda.

5. Backpack diamond-shaped design


This diamond-shaped backpack loop actually has a purpose. This little diamond is there so you can tie your shoes to your backpack or anything you’d like to tie to your backpack so you don’t have to carry it in your hands. Saving you precious energy since its creation.

6. Loops on boots


Not only used to help you push your heel down into your boots, these loops can also be used to hang your boots on a hook or to wrap your laces up to your ankles if you want more support. Boots that lack this characteristic are definitely not the best you can find on the market.

7. Wine bottles

Upgrade to glass

The bottom of wine bottles is caved in to add structural strength and make sure that bottles can stand even if they aren’t full. They also reinforce the bottle, making them least likely to break. A very nice feature that anyone, from college kid to wine collector, will appreciate.

8. Pom-pom hats


Pom-pom hats are cute and worn by children as well as adults. But where do they come from? What is their real purpose? French marines used to wear them when the boat would be rocking because the pom-pom would act as a head protector and they wouldn’t hit their heads on the doorways. Talk about saving on medical bills!

9. Car seat headrest

Survival Training

Your car headrest does not only exist to rest your head when driving. In emergency situations, you can remove your headrest and use it to shatter your window if that’s the only way to exit your car. You’ll save precious energy if you choose to use your headrest instead of, say, your fists or your feet.

10. Soda can tab

Daily Quenchers

There’s nothing like a cold soda on a hot summer day. If you drink your soda with a straw, you can keep your straw in place by placing it in the soda can tab hole. No more bobbing straw. Pure joy if you ask us. We’ll add that drinking soda with a straw is better for your teeth. Save on your dental insurance and your trips to the dentist!

11. Lids for take out cups


Lids on take out cups are not only meant to protect your fast food drinks from spilling everywhere in your car! These lids are also used for good table etiquette. Once you get home, you can take off the lid and place it under your cup. The three ridges on the lid are there to secure your cup in place. No more water rings on your wood table!

12. Extra fabric and button


You probably always thought there was an extra piece of fabric to fix your shirt or pants if ever you tore them, right? Wrong! The manufacturer includes this small sample of material so you can test how different detergents react on your new shirt or pair of jeans. Providing a small piece of fabric for you to test is definitely a sign a manufacturer cares about its customers.

13. Car rearview mirror


The main purpose of your car rearview mirror is obviously to see behind you. If you’re driving at night, you might have cursed the gods when the car behind you blinded you with their bright lights. Never be blinded by bright lights again by flipping your mirror angle. Who knows, this tip might avoid you an accident and, ultimately, costly car insurance or repairs.

14. Hinges under keyboards


The little steps under your keyboard are not there to add support to your wrists (your keyboard is actually more ergonomic when it is flat on your desk). The hinges are there so you can see your whole keyboard better. Try it and see.

15. Pen cap hole

Jagran Josh

Many people think that the cap of a ballpoint pen is there to prevent the ink from drying or that it is there to balance the pressure and thus prevent the ink from flowing. The real reason this hole is there is much simpler: it is there to reduce choking hazards. If a young child chewed the hood and choked, the hole would prevent the airway from closing completely. Still, you might end up having to go to the hospital with your kid, but at least it won’t be a fatal accident.

16. Shoelace hole

Sarcasm society

Those little shoelace loops you never use close to your ankle actually have a real purpose. If you want better ankle support, use these loop locks to secure your foot in your shoes.

17. Blue and white eraser

A Penchant for Paper

You’ve probably heard that the blue side of your eraser can erase ink from a pen. That is indeed the case. What, you thought we were gonna tell you it was a myth? Actually, it only works on very thick paper. Also, note that the blue side is harder and more abrasive than the white side.

18. Creased dress pants

Gentleman’s Gazette

Why do dress pants always have such a prominent crease in the front? This crease is actually called a ‘traveller’s crease’ because men used to fold their pants this way when travelling because when they took out their pants from their suitcases, the crease stayed intact.

19. Extra fabric in women’s underwear

Fashion 101

We all know women and men’s underwear are quite different. One of the biggest differences is that most women’s underwear has an extra layer of fabric because some fabrics are not up to health standards and without it, women’s underwear would be quite uncomfortable.

20. Gas pump hose

Tacoma World

Gas pump hoses have magnetic bits at the top. Why, do you ask? If ever you’re distracted and you drive off without removing the nozzle from your car, these magnetic bits will prevent the gas station (and you) from exploding. The magnets will detach themselves when you drive off. There won’t be any gas spills either.

21. Ice cream scoops

Ice cream scoops are one of the best kitchen accessories ever invented. But have you ever noticed that in stores they come in different colours? The different colours are actually there to specify the size of the scoop!

22. Hole in padlock

This little hole is here for a few reasons. The first is that it allows water to drain out of the lock if you use it outside, so it won’t rust in the rain or freeze and break in winter. The hole can also be used to oil the lock to make it work properly. This little hole, in the end, keeps you from having to purchase padlocks again and again as they age.

23. Tic-Tac lid

Smashing Tops

If you look at the lid of your Tic-Tac container, you will notice a small oval shape. This is the tic-tac dispenser. This allows you to take one at a time when you shake your container at the right angle.

24. iPhone camera

BuzzFeed / t-driver2015 / Via ebay.de

This is a microphone for when you use the rear camera, not another camera. Live and learn!

25. Hole in Chupa lollipops


Fan of sweets, especially Chupa lollipops? If you’re addicted to these sugar-filled treats you probably have noticed a small hole on the plastic stick when you finish your lollipop. No, this hole is not meant to be your new musical instrument. The hole is actually there to prevent you from choking since the candy can’t be easily dislodged from the stick with this hole.