You won’t believe these rare Donald Trump photos

Donald Trump has a reputation for being serious, harsh and severe. Discover him under a whole other light in these surprising photos.


The 45th president of the United, Donald Trump, may be a though businessman and politican, but behind all this image is the shadow of someone who was once a lovable young boy. Hard to believe? Wait until you see these photographs of the president when he was a child and a young father. Here is a compilation of rare Donald Trump pictures in which you will see him in a way you never have before.

24. Trump The Athlete

Did you know that Donald Trump was once an athlete? He was even crowned MVP in multiple sports tournaments. Who would have known that the president once had this kind of talent?

23. Trump And Hulk Hogan

Donald Trump was a professional wrestling fan for a long time. Here is a genuine handshake between the wrestling legend Hulk Hogan and Donald. Of course Trump would be a Hulkamaniac!

22. Vacation Look

Let’s be honest here, Donald Trump’s vacation look is impeccable!

21. Concert Trump

Here is a rare sight of Donald Trump. Pictured bare chest at a concert, Trump shows another side of himself and proves that he wasn’t always the serious man in a suit and a tie.

20. In Love

Donald and Marla Maples began seeing each other after his divorce with Ivana. Donald has always been a romantic. Not surprising that he found a new sweetheart as quickly.

19. Trump and Stallone

Here is the future president with one of the biggest movie stars of all time, Sylvester Stallone. The two men met at a boxing event in one of Trump’s casinos in Atlantic City.

18. Family Portrait

The young family is gathered in the stairs for a classic family holiday picture. All the love and happiness emanating from this photograph shows that Trump wasn’t always the serious man we now know.

17. Donald Trump And His Daughter

It is obvious that Donald loves his daughter. He is very close to his son, but the father-daughter bond is a very strong one, and Trump sure shares that with his own daughter.

16. A Lobster

We are not certain as what is the concept of this photo, but one thing is for sure, this is not a real lobster.

15. Donald And OJ

Donald was a very close friend of OJ Simpson. He was very uncomfortable when he discovered all the problems and troubles OJ was going through. He always supported him.

14. Trump And Women

It’s no secret that Donald loves beautiful women. He had multiple relations with them and even used to organise beauty pageants. Here he is, arriving with the candidates before a recording in 1986.

13. Trump in The Air

Donald Trump often spends his vacations in Mar-a-Lago, Florida. There, he owns multiple golf courts. This picture shows a goofy Donald jumping on one of his property.

12. Military Service

Donald Trump proudly served in the army, although some old injuries prevented him from remaining in active service. Of course, he is a real patriot.

11. Donald And Sports Legends

Donald is a big sports fan. Here, he is pictured with some big names of the field, Kareem Abdul Jabaar et Wilt Chamberlain.

10. Donald And Tyson

Here is Donald Trump pictured with friend and boxing legend Mike Tyson along with his girlfriend at the time Robin Givens.

9. Speaking Business

Of course, Trump has always been a businessman, even during his young years. Here is a younger version of the president speaking about business during a television interview.

8. Donald, Ivanka, Ivana And Designer Betsey Johnson

Donald attended a Betsey Johnson fashion show along with his then-wife, Ivana, and their daughter Ivanka. Ivanka was always passionate about fashion and Betsey is one of her biggest idols.

7. Trump Wedding in 1977

Here is a celebrating of Trump and Ivana’s love. Fred Trump is congratulating his son and new wife at their wedding. His father pursuit the Trump empire and eventually pass it down to his son.

6. Trump And President Clinton

Although some Democrats say that Trump used to be one of them, most deny it. This picture shows at least that he was respectful of other political ideas. Who knows if Trump could imagine at the time of meeting President Clinton that he would one day be in his position.

5. Trump And Michael Jackson

Trump also had the great honour of meeting and being photographed with the great legend, Michael Jackson.

4. Military Picture

Look at this fresh young man! Trump was a gentleman in the army, no doubt about it.

3. Young Father

Here is Donald Trump holding his oldest son, Don Jr. The bond between a father and a child is very important and apparently, Trump cared for his children.

2. Donald Trump as a Child

Who would have known that this blond little boy would one day become one of the United States’ most important citizen? Look at those pink cheeks and innocent look.

1. Ski Trip

Young father Donald was a ski fanantic. Ivana and he liked to go on ski trips regularly. It made for great family time.