Perfect tips and tricks to simplify your daily routine around the house

If you would like to simplify your daily routine to save time for yourself, here are 25 tricks to try absolutely. You will be happy to know them.


When you know the best tips, it’s easy to save time in your daily routine. Whether it is to speed up certain tasks or simplify our life with others, here are the best tips you can know. Here are 25 tips that will completely change your daily life.

25. Refresh your drinks

If you want to cool your drinks faster, wet a paper towel and wind your bottle and place it in a freezer. It will get cold quite fast.

24. Charge your phone faster.

If you need to charge your cell phone quickly, but you do not have much time in front of you, put it in airplane mode. By shutting down any service, your battery will fill up faster.

23. Clean your mixer robot

Instead of trying to pass your fingers between the robot’s blades, add water with soap at the bottom and start it for 30 seconds. Everything will be washed without effort and more time for your morning routine.

22. Ice cubes for a iced coffee

Pour coffee into your ice cube tray and take it in your coffee drinks. Instead of diluting the taste, they will amplify it.

21. Freeze your herbs

If you do not want to lose your fresh herbs, put them in an ice cube tray with olive oil, then leave them in the freezer. You can use it in your recipes as you need them.

20. Deep-cleanser for your microwave

Put water and white vinegar in a bowl. Place this bowl in the microwave and set aside for 4 minutes. You will no longer have inlaid dirt.

19. Unclog a sink

Your pipes give you a hard time? Do not call a plumber in panic and do not buy chemicals to unclog them.

  1. Mix 1 cup of white vinegar with 1/4 cup of salt and 1/4 cup of baking soda.
  2. Pour the mixture into your sink and leave it for a few minutes.
  3. Pour a pan of boiling water to relieve the pressure.

18. Cooling your wine

To cool your wine, leave green grapes in your freezer that you can add directly into your glasses. The grapes will not make water in your glasses and will not change the taste, but they will act like ice cubes.

17. Cut a cake without a knife

Instead of using a knife to cut your cake, use a piece of dental floss. This wire will also cut your shares and will not do any damage..

16. Tips for your shoes

Do not throw away your old tea or tea pockets. Let them dry and put them in your shoes to remove the odor. You can use the same tips for your sports bag, your car or even in your wardrobe.

15. How to save space in your case.

For space: Store your underwear and socks in your shoes. Not only does this maximize the available space, but it also helps your shoes to keep their shape without crushing them.


Roll up your clothes, you will save a lot of space. Not only does this technique take up less space, but it also avoids wrinkling of clothing.

14. Tips to cook boiled eggs

For making hard-boiled eggs, add a teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate to the pan during cooking so that the shell can be removed more easily afterwards.

13. How to find your long time lost small earring

Wrap a tights around your sweeper to suck small objects without losing them. It will be easier to find everything with this tip.

12. Light on a hard to reach candle

If you have a lighter but can not access the wick of your candle, you can use a raw spaghetti to light it on.

11. Clean your keyboard

A good old post-it can easily remove dirt from your keyboard. Simply slide the sticky side between the keys.

10. Losing all of your hair pins?

Wash an empty box of Tic Tac, dry it and slip your hairpins. So you will not lose them anymore.

9. Remove a key from the keychain without breaking the nails

You primary use it to remove your staples, you can also use it to quickly separate the round from your keys.

8. Plant a nail without hitting your thumb

Impossible to bang on your fingers, with this tip. Take a comb to hold your nail and avoid pushing it too far.

7. Cleaning stains in the toilet.

Pour a bottle of Coca-Cola into the toilet bowl and let the liquid stand overnight. Then wash your bowl with soapy water and rinse it.

6. Clean the shower head

To clean your shower head or bathroom taps, fill a plastic bag with white vinegar and attach it to the shower head with a rubber band. Let it soak in the vinegar all night, and remove the bag.

5. Amplify your phone’s speaker

Place your phone in a drinking glass or in a bowl to increase the volume of its speakers.

4. Preventing water from overflowing

When you boil water, place a wooden spoon on top of your pan. Your content will not spill over, as the spoon bursts the bubbles, warning you of imminent damage.

3. Prevent bottles from falling into the fridge

By putting a clip behind your refrigerator grill, you can make a stack with your glass bottles in order to save space and avoid breakage.

2. Very useful water bottle tip.

By using the dust tray in the sink, you can recover water more easily for your seal that does not enter the sink.

1. Clever toothpaste tip.

Rub toothpaste on your car headlights to make them shine again.

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