Your dog should sleep with you in your bed, here’s why

If you have a dog and are hesitant to let him/her sleep in your bed, here are 15 reasons that will convince you to let them do it.


If you have a dog, you know how much attention these little animals require on a daily basis. Whether it’s during the day when they want to play or at night when they want to cuddle. However, although we love our pets, we don’t necessarily want them to follow us at all times. This is often the case at night time when our four-legged friend wants to sleep in our bed with us. However, sharing your bed with your dog can actually be beneficial for you. Here are some reasons that will certainly convince you to let your doggie sleep with you.

1. For your safety

Having a dog in the house can easily discourage a thief from entering your home or simply reassure you when it comes time to go to bed if you live alone. Having your dog in bed with you can make a difference in the quality of your sleep, because you know that if something happens, your dog will be next to you to warn you, so you don’t need to be so alert.

2. To lower your stress levels

Everyone says that dogs are excellent for comforting us, but also for lowering our daily stress levels. Zootherapy has been around for years and is a great way of helping people who are depressed. Letting your dog sleep in your bed could, therefore, be a natural antidepressant.

3. For a better night’s sleep

Of course, by reassuring you and reducing your stress, having your dog in your bed at night improves your quality of sleep. In addition, just like the sound of a fan for some people, your dog’s breathing can allow you to fall asleep more quickly.

4. For your relationship with them

Sharing your bed with your pet seems to have a big effect on your relationship with them. The more your dog feels loved by you, the more loyal and attentive he/she tends to be. So, by letting your pet sleep in your bed, you give them a little more love in their daily life.

5. For the comfort


Although your pet can sometimes take up all the space in your bed, your dog is like your personal teddy bear; it is cozy and perfect for a great night’s sleep.

6. To keep your children from developing bad habits

Your children may be less likely to take up the bad habit of slipping into bed with you if your dog takes up all the remaining space in your bed. This way, your pet can help prevent your children from developing bad habits.

7. For a better morning wake up

There’s nothing nicer than opening your eyes and seeing your happy pet by your side in the morning. It helps to start the day off on the right foot, every day.

8. For your pet’s overall happiness

Your dog likes to be in close to you. In fact, your presence is probably one of their favourite things in life. If you let him/her sleep with you, he/she may well be happier in general. Your pet will feel more appreciated and will share this feeling with you.

9. To save money


If your dog sleeps with you, it doesn’t need a pillow to sleep on, so you can save a little bit of money on doggy accessories.

10. To stay cozy and warm

A dog cuddled up to you is an effective source of added warmth. Only 1 degree can lower your electricity bill.

11. To save your furniture

If your dog is sleeping in your bed, it’s because it’s not claiming ownership of your living room furniture. This way, you are less likely to damage your couches and carpets if you keep your dog with you.

12. To prevent loneliness

If you live alone, it is proven that the presence of a pet can help counter loneliness. That’s why sleeping with your dog could help your morale and allow you to have a better night’s sleep even if no human sleeps with you.

13. So you don’t wake up late

Have you ever been woken up by your dog on the weekend? This is probably because animals have an excellent internal clock. They remember your waking habits and will tend to prevent you from pushing the snooze button.

14. Take a break from technology

It is easy to pick up your phone or tablet when you go to bed or when you get up. However, this habit is not recommended by sleep doctors. By having an animal at your side, your attention will be focused on them and not on your phone. You might then sleep better.

15. Because we enjoy it!

We have to admit it, we like having our dog in bed with us. Some people cannot tolerate their presence during bedtime, but the vast majority admit to feeling more comfortable in their company.

In any case, these are good reasons to let your dog sleep in your bed. Your pet will keep you warm and protect you at night.