10 ways to use hydrogen peroxide when cleaning your home

If you are having trouble dislodging grime and dirt when cleaning, hydrogen peroxide might be the answer to your problems!


You probably keep a bottle of hydrogen peroxide in your house to disinfect minor cuts. According to the Open Chemistry database, the chemical compound is also found in teeth whitening products and other whitening products. You’ll be surprised to learn there are other uses for this magic product you probably never even thought of! Here are 10 ways to use hydrogen peroxide when cleaning your home.

1. Clean glass

To clean glass surfaces, including mirrors and stovetop surfaces, spray the hydrogen peroxide directly on the surface. It is best to use a clean lint-free cloth to easily wipe the dirt.

2. Disinfect counters


Your kitchen counters can be a great place for germs to grow and multiply. Prevent this from happening by spraying hydrogen peroxide on your counters.

3. Clean your cutting board

Cutting boards are delicate. If they aren’t cleaning properly, germs can easily accumulate. This is why it is best to use hydrogen peroxide to disinfect cutting boards and kill dangerous germs.

4. Clean the fridge

Keeping your fridge clean is important for a germ-free kitchen environment. Once every season, spray the inside of your fridge with hydrogen peroxide. Let the product cool down for a few minutes before using a clean cloth to remove all the grime and to completely disinfect it.

5. Eliminate grease

For tough stains that seem impossible to remove, mix some hydrogen peroxide with some baking soda (enough to create a paste) and scrub the area. You should probably leave the paste on the affected area for a few minutes before scrubbing again with a sponge and hot water.

6. Clean your tiles

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Bathroom and kitchen tiles can become very dirty very quickly. To clean in-between the tiles without damaging them, spray hydrogen peroxide on them and leave them be for 30 minutes. The Huffington Post says that once your tiles are completely soaked, use a hard bristle brush to dislodge scum.

7. Eliminate mould

Spray hydrogen peroxide directly on the mould to stop its growth.

8. Clean the toilet

Professionals suggest pouring 1/2 cup of hydrogen peroxide in your toilet, letting the product work its magic for about 20 minutes, and then purifying the toilet bowl.

9. Protect plants

For a natural mushroom solvent, add a few drops of hydrogen peroxide to your watering can with a ratio of 1/2 cup peroxide for a gallon of water.

10. Clean the floors

The next time you wash your floors, try using a mixture of 1/2 cup peroxide mixed in with a gallon of hot water. The gentle cleaner is secure for all surfaces and is a great way to make your old floors sparkle.


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