Feel better about your botched DIY job with these home renovation fails

If ever you think you are the worst at DIY home renovation projects, just look through these amazing home renovation fails and feel better about yourself.


Some people are truly gifted and can do amazing work on their house without any prior practice or skills. These people will build a gorgeous deck in their backyard, build a sturdy fence around their house or create a breathtaking mosaic tiling in their house without much effort. Unfortunately, not everyone is like this. Some people should really ask for help before starting a major home renovation. If you’re feeling bad about your botched DIY pottery project just take a look at these home renovation fails and automatically feel better about yourself.

1. The elevated garage

Instagram | jiefsourd

You better have a monster truck and not a Porsche if you’re planning on using this elevated garage. Maybe they don’t even use this as a garage? Maybe they use this door as a giant door to their kitchen? Who knows!

2. Mix and match house

Instagram | JoyArchitechture

Who doesn’t love an eclectic house full of personality? One must wonder if they did it on purpose to have totally different exteriors or if unfortunately, they ran out of money and had to switch the look of the exterior for the second part of the home.

3. Unfinished business

Pinterest | Arianna Pfuhl

You worked all day and did a great job in (almost) completing your driveway but why bother finishing it, right? It totally looks fine like this! Did they run out of cement and just decided to leave it like this and then forgot they had to finish it and planted a tree?

4. 45° toilet

RJ Home Inspection

Is it pointing to something specific? The north? A shrine? Maybe they didn’t have a ruler at home and have never heard of straight lines?

5. Stairs for people 5’3″ and under

Pinterest | Buzzfeed

Watch your head! These stairs are perfect for your kids…but not for you! If you are taller than 5’3″ forget about ever stepping foot in your basement.

6. Light the way

Pinterest | Cheezburger

Are these people extremely smart or extremely stupid? Yes, you now have one light for two rooms but when the light bulb goes out, how do you even change it? Make a hole in your ceiling? Should have thought about that before!

7. Dig out your door

Pinterest | Luis M

So, one great way to avoid pulling out your entryway bricks is to put a door higher than the actual ground. This way, you can open your door to your heart’s content and also keep your bricks! Wow! Who knew it could be so easy?

8. Destructive vent

Pinterest | PascalMeyssonnier

Are they the only people who’ve never realized fans usually go in the middle of a room for this exact reason? Here’s a great tip: Go in a corner, spread out your arms, twirl and keep hitting your arms on the walls until you make holes. The corner of a room is not a good place for a ceiling fan.

9. Garage slide

Pinterest | Tradesman4U

First, have you ever heard of snow and ice? You might need some chains to get up that hill in the wintertime. Second, you better not drive standard or you might never get up! This is one of the worst home renovation fails unless the person who lives here is the biggest daredevil in the whole world and enjoys not knowing if their car will reach the garage or not.

10. Stairway to…nowhere


Where exactly do these stairs lead to? These cement beauties (can you read the sarcasm?) are useless and quite ugly. Unless these people can go through cement walls, we’re not sure what this staircase is doing there.

11. Geometric door

Pinterest | ArchiEngineering

Next time an object is in your way, remember that you can remove it instead of going around it like with this home renovation fail.

12. Mind the pole

Express & Star

We hope these homeowners aren’t planning on keeping their car in the garage because unfortunately, they won’t be able to get inside their garage… ever! Whoever put that pole there is obviously a real tool.

13. Skateboarding ramp


This extremely steep driveway is great if you are a pro skateboarder or want to practice your skiing right at home but good luck getting your car up there.

14. Batman freak


Technically, this is not a real home renovation fail since there is nothing wrong with this underground batmanesque garage but is it really necessary to be that much of a prick and build yourself an underground garage for your Porsche?

15. Third story garage

Mengaku Backpacker

We’re all for innovations and thinking about the future but is it really a great idea to add a garage on the third story of a building? Flying cars aren’t on the market yet buddy.

16. Walk the plank driveway

The Lighter Side of Real Estate

Why do so many people have trouble building normal driveways? If you’re not afraid of falling to your death than go right ahead and enter your garage by this very safe and secure driveway.

17. Fire hydrant obstacle

Planet Clark

The only smart thing about this driveway is that if there’s a fire, at least these people have a very quick access to water. But, at the same time, isn’t illegal to park in front of a fire hydrant?

18. Flying car garage


Wow! We can’t wait to see a flying car zoom into this garage in a few years. Until then, sorry but forget about ever using this garage for your car. Maybe these homeowners are the only ones with a flying car and we’re the dumb ones?

19. Multi-purpose room

Mountain Homestead Dreamer

Do you know the saying “don’t sh*t where you eat”? Well, these people obviously don’t!

20. Line it up

Pinterest | Buzz Buzz Home

Something that seems so simple can be a true nightmare for others. Straight lines aren’t that hard to make people! All you need is a ruler and a brain.

21. Door stop

Pinterest | Tradesman4U

A door stop is supposed to stop and hold doors open. Damn! These people totally missed the point of this object. Next time, don’t even try to put one if you’re going to mess it up this bad.

22. Door heater

Pinterest | Tradesman4U

Is this heater the next childproofing and pet-proofing technique? “You can’t go in the room Sally because if you do try, you’ll get burnt by this protective heater!” Not sure about this parenting technique…

23. Modern windows

Pinterest | Tradesman4U

Usually, people add the glass to the actual window frames but who’s to judge? People can do whatever they want even if it looks ridiculous and they end up on a list of home renovation fails…

24. Let there be… darkness


Why have great big windows in your house or apartment when you can almost fill them entirely with bricks and have a tiny window instead? Whoever thought this was a good idea is seriously disturbed.

25. Shock me like an electric eel


Fan of electric shocks? These homeowners are in for a real wake up call if they plug something in this socket and wash their hands at the same time.

26. Womanly lights


You might be rolling your eyes thinking we’re very immature but we can’t help laughing at this home renovation fail. This trick of light is hilarious and quite accurate!

27. Hot tub waterfall

Home Shield Patios and Decks

Look out below! Sure, this seemed like a great idea when these homeowners thought about it but they should have made sure the deck was sturdy enough to hold this 900 lbs hot tub. Lesson learned, right?

28. Paint prison


Painting a roof is not easy, that’s for sure! The only thing we will hold against this man is that he should have thought about his exit plan before getting stuck on his roof painted island.