10 signs that your cat isn’t happy at home

If your cat isn't happy, here are 10 signs he/she is likely to show it in your home, so it is important to pay attention!


Like humans, animals can have mood swings. When they are happy at home, they can express it in many different ways, like by licking you. However, if your cat isn’t happy at home, he/she risks behaving quite differently. Numerous signs will become big indicators of his/her sadness and of his/her daily discomfort. Pay close attention to these 10 clear signs.

1. His/her sleep

It is normal for a cat to sleep for long periods of time during the day. Generally, a cat can sleep for up to 16 hours per day. However, if he/she starts to sleep much more or if he/she has less energy during the day, it is probably because your cat is bored and has nothing better to do than sleep.

2. His/her appetite

A loss of appetite in an animal is never a good sign. If your cat gravely reduces its food consumption or, on the contrary, if your cat increases its food consumption, it means he/she is not healthy or is very unhappy.

3. His/her temper

Is your cat more aggressive than before? This may be a sign that your cat is not well in his/her skin. A very happy and cuddly cat does not become aggressive without a good reason.

4. His/her cleanliness

The cat’s grooming is very important in its daily routine. If your cat is not happy at home, he/she is very likely to decrease his/her grooming. A cat that licks himself/herself excessively is also a sign that something is wrong with him/her.

5. His/her sociability

Even if your pet likes tranquillity when he/she is napping, your cat should not avoid you all day long. Cats are independent but still like to get a bit of attention. When they isolate themselves, it’s because they are unhappy.

6. His/her bad habits

Stress and anxiety can push your cat to pull out its fur. This is a dangerous habit since the animal risks of hurting itself. If you notice your cat pulls out his/her hair, visit a veterinarian to tackle this bad habit.

7. His/her energy

Playing should be part of your fur ball’s daily routine. An unhappy cat does not feel like playing and doesn’t feel like moving. If you notice its energy isn’t coming back after a few days, consult a specialist.

8. His/her urinates everywhere

A cat quickly learns cleanliness and does not tend to deviate from its good habits. If he/she starts urinating everywhere, it’s probably a sign your cat isn’t happy.

9. His/her changes slowly

He/she is tapping its tail, going around in circles, has lowered ears… here’s a list of behaviours to notice quickly. A cat that changes is a cat that is not necessarily well. Keep an eye out for these changes.

10. His/her doesn’t communicate with you anymore

Miaowing is a way for your cat to communicate with you. If his/her miaowing gravely increases or completely stops, it might be because something is wrong with your cat.


You are your pet’s master and you are in the best position to notice small changes in its behaviour. If you notice that your cat is acting different or develops bad habits, ask advice from your veterinarian.