Here are some foods you should never give your baby

Not all foods are made for children and infants. Here are some foods you should never give your baby.


If you have kids, you are aware that a proper diet is extremely important for their growth. In fact, young children, unlike teens or adults, can’t eat just eat whatever they want without having real consequences on their health. It is vital then that you are careful with what food you give your baby. Indeed, 4 months old (and younger) babies should only be given powdered milk made especially for babies or their mother’s milk. Then, you can slowly initiate your child to different foods. Here are some foods you should never give your baby.

8. Honey should be absolutely avoided

Even though honey is healthy for adults, this is not the case for babies, at least not before they turn 1. Indeed, this food can cause infant botulism in babies, a rare illness that affects the nervous system and requires hospitalization.

7. Avoid giving peanuts to your baby

Peanuts can not only be a major allergen but can also cause suffocation in young children. It is best to avoid giving this food to a baby, same for grapes and olives.

6. Banish sodas

You should never give soda to your baby. In fact, these artificial drinks are made with tons of chemical products and we have no idea their true effects on our health. Also, sodas are filled with sugar which can lead to an early development of obesity, diabetes and cavities.

5. Never give alcohol to your baby

Even though reminding people not to give their babies alcohol may sound really bizarre and obvious, know that from the 1930s to the 1950s, people gave a bit of alcohol to their kids, sometimes even daily. But, of course, you should never do this. Giving your child some alcohol is dangerous to them, even if you give them just a small quantity!

4. Babies must not drink coffee and tea

You should not give these two beverages to your baby or your young child for the simple reason that these beverages can excite them too much. Indeed, they have caffeine and theine, two stimulating chemical compounds.

3. Don’t buy dietary products

You should never give dietary products to a baby or a young child (for example non-fat yogourt, dietary beverages, non-fat milk that contain sweeteners). Since babies are always growing, they need their daily fat and calorie intake.

2. Limit the quantity of salt and sugar

This is not a secret for anyone, salt and sugar aren’t good for anyone’s health. Since babies’ taste buds are more sensitive than adult ones, they don’t need salt or sugar to improve the taste of various foods. You can thus limit the quantity of salt and sugar in their plates. They will be much healthier!

1. Kepe your kids far away from processed proteins

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Other foods to banish in your baby’s diet are processed proteins. Indeed, these foods are full of salt and sugar. It is best not to give any to your child.

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