Learn The Best Cleaning Tips And Tricks Of All Time To Master Household

Are you tired of spending hours cleaning your house? Here are some amazing cleaning tips to make your life easier and become a master of it!


Each week, you are faced with several chores such as preparing dinner and lunches, taking out garbage, helping children with their homework and cleaning the house. Obviously, maintaining the house is probably the task that takes you the most time. Fortunately, some tricks can save you a lot of time and make this chore a lot of fun. Here are 14 tips to try for a quick and easy cleaning of your home.

14. Clean your shower curtain in the washing machine.

Add detergent or baking soda with some towels to remove persistent stains on your shower curtain.

13. Use Kool-Aid with lemon or orange to remove stains from the bowl.

Pour a package of Kool-Aid flavored with lemon or orange into your bowl and rub the stains with a toilet brush. The citric acid and the abrasive texture of the powder make it possible to decompose and dissolve the stains.

12. Clean the removable part of the dishwasher with a toothbrush.

Under the lower sprayer you will find a removable part. You will see pieces of food and other accumulations (you would be surprised to see what is not going completely in the drain!). Use a toothbrush to eliminate accumulation, then rinse the room in the sink.

11. Paint with a slice of bread.

If you never eat your last bread crumbs, use it a brush to paint.

10. Clean the blades of your ceiling fan with an old pillowcase.

Find a soft pillowcase that will attract dust easily. Flannel and cotton work very well. Starting from the inner part of the blade, with one hand on top of the pillowcase, wipe the blade of the fan. All the dust will fall into the pillowcase instead of falling on your head or on the floor!

9. An old pillow case and a paint stick (a rule also works) can be used to thoroughly clean the filter of your dryer.

Use Lemon Kool-Aid to remove rust, gum and soap buildup in a washing machine.

Citric acid in the Kool-Aid with lemon or orange helps to break down the accumulation of products in your washing machine. Put 1/4 cup Kool-Aid with lemon or orange in a regular wash cycle – without clothes – and repeat if necessary.

8. Remove dust with a softener sheet.

7. Get rid of all the dust in the ventilation hatch with compressed air.

6. Clean the bathtub with half a grapefruit soaked in salt.

The salt creates an abrasive texture while the citric acid in the grapefruit will help break down the stains. Lemon works well too!

5. Remove the water deposits from your showerhead by soaking it in vinegar for 15 minutes.

Fill a bucket with a quart of water and ½ cup of vinegar. Soak the showerhead in this mixture for at least 15 minutes.

4. The vinegar can also clean the windows …

3. … and accumulations of waste. Freeze lemon slices into vinegar cubes.

2. Citric acid in the Lemon Kool-Aid will help disinfect your dishwasher.

Fill the detergent compartment of your dishwasher with Lemon Kool-Aid and perform a normal cycle. Citric acid will help eliminate accumulations of all kinds.

1. Mineral oil can be used to wipe fatty surfaces in the kitchen.

Put a few drops of mineral oil on a paper towel and wipe the top of your stove or other greasy kitchen surfaces. Take a clean paper towel and wipe the surface to remove residual oil and dust remaining.


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