17 Clever Ways to Use Toothpaste Differently That You Didn’t Know Before

If you are looking into ways to get your money's worth out of your toothpaste, here are 17 unusual things you can do with toothpaste to make your life easier.


Your little tube of toothpaste is definitely in your bathroom waiting for you to brush your teeth, but it could be very useful differently from what you had anticipated. Actually, you will be amazed by its performance to clean your teeth, but also to clean your house as well.

Here are 15 toothpaste tips that will change your daily life for the better.

17. Remove pencil marks

Did you leave the kids unattended for, like, 3 seconds? How did they have time to draw on the walls? Anyhow, don’t freak out, you can easily remove pencil and marker marks from the wall using, you will have guessed, toothpaste. Who would have thought toothpaste could save your house? Rub the marks with a little toothpaste, and rinse with a damp cloth. Everything should disappear quickly. Just make sure your kids don’t see you using toothpaste this way, or next time you might find toothpaste on your walls instead of pencil marks!

16. Wash your hands

Did you just cut garlic? Or handed a product that left a really strong smell on your hands?Toothpaste will help you get rid of any odor on your skin quickly. Take a small nut of toothpaste and rub your hands as if it were soap. This treatment works every time.

15. Car headlights

Toothpaste can clean your headlights almost back to the way they looked brand new in a very short time. Just rub it with an old toothbrush or a cloth and clean it with water. You will notice a big difference at night, as you will see further than when your headlights were dirty. This is an easy way to feel more confident when driving at night, and safer too! Who knows, doing this might avoid you an accident and a rise in your car insurance and health insurance…

14. For Insect Bites

Toothpaste can easily reduce the itching effect caused by mosquito bites or spiders. No need to spend money on medicinal creams when you got toothpaste, right? The menthol contained in most toothpaste will soothe the itching. For this reason, you could even use toothpaste as a sunburn treatment.

13. Ink stains

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By intensely rubbing toothpaste on your shirt that has been stained with ink, you will probably be able to rescue it! Repeat until the stain disappears. An unfortunate incident doesn’t have to be the end of your favorite shirt.

12. Shine silver pieces

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Save some precious time and energy if you have to shine your silver. Just rub some toothpaste on metals like your silver jewelry in order to make them shine again. Let this treatment sit for 5 minutes and start rinsing with a damp cloth afterwards. It will be like brand new, with a little patience, of course.

11. Waterproof your matches


This one tip is probably the weirdest of the bunch if we are being honest, but it’s also the most impressive one (or at least, we think). To waterproof matches, dip their tip straight in your tube of toothpaste. Even if they fall directly into water, the toothpaste will preserve the integrity of the sulfuric end; all you need to do is to wipe away the toothpaste, and you’ll be able to use a match even if it fell into water. Try it!

10. Your jewelry

If some of your precious stones are not as sparkly and shiny as they used to be, you can also rub them with toothpaste. Just as with silverware, let the toothpaste sit on your jewels for a few minutes before gently removing it with a wet cloth.

9. Against scratches


By rubbing a little toothpaste on a CD or DVD that has scratches, you can make them disappear. Be very delicate when rubbing, that goes without saying, right? This is a great example of an old invention helping modern day technologies, and we love it.

8. Toothpaste works on screen scratches too!


That’s right, you can use the same trick on your phone screen! Rub some toothpaste on your scratched screen, let it sit for a few minutes, and then gently wipe away the toothpaste with a cloth. No need to use your phone guarantee for scratches, just use toothpaste and keep your guarantee for when you’ll really need it.

7. Clean chrome

The best way to wash faucets and get all the stains off is to rub toothpaste on their surface. That’s our favorite tip for saving energy and time while washing the sink.

6. Lipstick stains

If your lipstick is on fabric and it does not go away, you can successfully remove it completely by rubbing toothpaste on the stain. You might want to let this treatment sit for a few minutes on the lipstick stain before you start scrubbing. Use a brush for more success and to save time.

5. Clean shoes

The white of your shoes will become like new with a little blow of toothpaste. Let this treatment sit for a few minutes before scrubbing it off gently. Works like a charm, and you won’t have to purchase new shoes for a while, if their whiteness was why you were considering buying a new pair.

4. Swimming Goggles

Put a thin layer of toothpaste inside pool goggles and rinse them. No more fog in your glasses when you swim underwater!

3. Stains on wood

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If there are stains on your wooden surfaces, rub them with a little toothpaste and water, and everything will go away. No need to get bankrupted or to get a bad credit score by buying new furniture when you can’t afford it simply because of a stain.

2. Stains on white fabrics.

If your white fabrics (tablecloths, clothes, cushions, etc.) have spots of wine, lipstick or the like, toothpaste can save them. Rub it a little on the stain and let it act. Then wash the fabric back to its original shape.

1. Clean your piano.

If your piano keys begin to tarnish, you can whiten them with a little toothpaste. Put some on a wet cloth and rub your yellow piano keys. They will return them to their original appearance. No need to pay the price for a restauration specialist when you can do the work yourself.

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