15 Cleaning Tasks You Can Do In Less Than One Hour

Tired of spending your weekend doing housework cleaning? Here are 12 our best secret tips on household chores you can do in less than an hour.


Who wants to spend a whole weekend cleaning all the rooms of a house? Nobody, normally. What if you could do it all in less than one hour though? For some reason, the same chores are easier to manage when done one at a time. That is why it is better to do each of these tasks one day at a time, so as not to be discouraged.

Here are 15 small cleaning chores that you can do in one hour only.

1. Vacuum your furniture.

Did you know that you can use the upholstery tool on your vacuum cleaner to clean your chairs and sofa? “Aspire both sides of the cushions and under them,” says Forte. “Then suck along the seams and seams.”

2. Dust your wall.

Take 30 minutes to clean your ceilings, bookcases, suspended and recessed lights, moldings and more with an extensible cloth.

3. Sanitize. Your. Phone.

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Take the time once a week to wipe your phone with an alcohol wipe to get rid of all the germs that have attached themselves to it. Do the same with your TV remote, keyboard and computer mouse. You’re welcome.

4. Keep your cabinets clean.

The sticky grime of the kitchen is a mixture of dust and grease that is invisible – until it accumulates. To wash your cabinets, use Parker Cream & Bailey Kitchen Cabinet. It removes dirt and leaves the wood moisturized.

5. Organize your drawers.

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Start with a small drawer and choose one from your kitchen, from your bedroom or from your desk. “Remove any objects you no longer need,” says Carolyn Forte, director of the Clean House Laboratory at the Good Housekeeping Institute. Arrange everything else, but this time, in an organized manner.

6. Clean dirt with the right tools.

It will only take you five minutes for all your walls to have been freshly painted. “With Magic Clean Magic Cleaner in one hand and a dry cloth in the other, move from one room to another to scratch scratches, stains and pencil marks on your walls,” says Forte.

7. Remove dust from your fan.


Use an old pillowcase to quickly and efficiently clean the surface of your fan blades. It will be done in no time, and you’ll have more energy to do whatever you like doing when you are not cleaning, which we bet is a lot of things.

8. Clean your microwave.

Cleaning your microwave doesn’t have to consume all your energy. Wipe it after each use if you can, thus preventing grime from drying and being hard to remove later. If you couldn’t do that, heat a bowl of water with some lemon juice for up to 5 minutes. It should help with the removal of past splashes.

9. Banish baseboard dust.

If you want to wash your baseboards without bending over and hurt your back, you can lightly spray an old sock with a cleaning solution and move your foot over the baseboards to remove the dirt quickly. You can also use the handle of your vacuum cleaner.

10. Wipe down your shower walls every time you shower

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Yep, that’s right, taking less than 30 seconds a day to remove the soap scum from your shower walls immediately after you are done showering will save you 30 minutes of non-stop scrubbing every two weeks or so.

11. Wash Your Kitchen Hood

Your kitchen hood gets dirty a lot during the year. “Remove the filter, put it in soapy water, rub it, rinse it and let it dry,” says Forte. Next, clean the hood with an oven cleaner.

12. Clean your windows.

“Raise the blinds and wash the windows with a glass cleaner and a microfiber cloth,” says Forte.

13. Move your furniture when you are doing household.

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“Remove the furniture from the walls and dust off behind and under,” says Forte.

14. Shine the stainless steel

To shine this surface, mix one teaspoon of dishwashing detergent and 1 quart of hot water. Use a microfibre cloth and rub the detergent solution over the marks in small sections. Rinse with warm water and dry immediately with a clean cloth.

15. Dust off the ventilation hatches

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Heating ducts and air conditioning vents only circulate dust in your home if you do not make sure they are cleaned. We strongly advise you to use the soft brush on your vacuum cleaner to keep these spaces clean. This will drastically reduce the presence of allergens in your home.


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