10 Tips to Help You Cleanse Places Unable to Locate

If you tend to turn round corners while doing household, here are tips to help you clean up every corner of your home. Even places that are hard to reach!


Housework is a chore that we would like to avoid, especially for places that are hard-to-reach, but which is unfortunately necessary. Sometimes, we tend to turn round corners and clean our home quickly by omitting hard-to-reach places such as narrow corners and squares. However, it is possible to clean these corners without too much difficulty.

Here are 10 tips to help you clean up in hard-to-reach places.

10. Keyboard

Why not use office supplies to clean your keyboard? First, turn your keyboard and tap gently to drop the crumbs. Then, take the sticky side of a post-it and drag it between the keys on your keyboard.

9. Window Border

Sometimes, the material of which your vacuum is made does not allow much flexibility. But if you put a roll of toilet paper at the end of the sleeve, you can fold it until it matches the shape you need to clean the border around your window.

8. Air vents of the car

Nothing is more unpleasant when driving than the dust blowing in your face. Use a sponge brush to clean the air ducts.

7. Tight Blinds

If you do not want your hands to be dusty, there is a cooking utensil that you can use instead: tongs! All you have to do is attach a microfibre cloth using elastic bands and then pass the tool over to your blinds.

6. Clean your dishwasher filter

Do not throw your toothbrush out of garbage – this is actually one of the best cleaning tools for your dishwasher. Use soap, water and your toothbrush to clean the dirt build-up on filters and removable screens.

5. Ventilation hatches

Nothing cuts the dust like a butter knife. Dust off the hatch. Then, wrap your utensil in a microfiber cloth, which grips and retains the dust particles.

4. Engraving lines

Unfortunately, some of the nooks in your car require more care than rubbing with a cloth on. For these, use a Q-Tips to rub the dirt until it is no longer visible.

3. Mattress and sofa

You spend a third of your life on your mattress, and you can increase the quality of your sleep knowing that your mattress is clean with the help of your vacuum. Use it to suck dirt and dust from creases and crevices in your mattress or your sofa.

2. Shower head

Leave a plastic bag fulled with vinegar on the tile for 30 minutes before rubbing the dirt with a small brush.

1. Faucet

To ban mold and bacteria stuck around your faucet, take an old toothbrush. Hair twins with hot water and soap will help you get into the deepest places you can not see.


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