10 practical and fast tips to clean your house

If you want to clean your house quickly and efficiently, here are 10 cleaning tips to discover now!


We don’t know a lot of people who actually enjoy cleaning. Honestly, it’s not surprising either. But, of course, household chores are part of our daily lives. At least, we can reduce the time we spend cleaning with the help of a few tips and tricks. Professional cleaners share with you their best-kept secrets to quickly and effectively complete your household chores. Try these tips and tricks and clean your house right now!

1. Make a schedule and stick to it

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Plan a moment in your busy schedule to complete these chores. “Nobody hires a cleaning service that will arrive at an impromptu moment during the week”, explains Cynthia Townley Ewer, author of Houseworks. “Do like professional cleaner and make a game plan so you can quickly finish your chores. You also have to make sure that this schedule is respected so you can finish them in record time.”

2. Find something to motivate you

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Cynthia suggests using motivating factors to avoid distractions and avoid boredom. “Play your favourite music, listen to a podcast while you do your chores so you feel like you accomplished two things at once instead of only one.”

3. Dress properly when you clean your house

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Professional cleaners wear comfortable and easily washable clothes made for working. Supportive shoes and knee pads help them stay comfortable. Glasses and gloves protect them from chemical products. Forget about fleece sweaters stained with bleach and wear a cleaning uniform that includes shoes, protective gloves and glasses made especially for the kind of work you are doing.

4. Invest in the appropriate tools


“Professional cleaners don’t use gadgets, you’ll never find them with specialized tools with one unique purpose or a cleaning tool promoted on an infomercial”, explains Cynthia. “Buy good tools – once – use them, and you’ll be finished your cleaning in record time.”

5. Simplify your cleaning supplies

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“There’s a reason why pros can pack all the products they need in one bag”, explains Cynthia. “They have cut down their cleaning products to four basic products:

  • Abrasive powder cleaner
  • Tile and bathroom cleaner
  • Heavy duty degreaser cleaner
  • Glass cleaner or multi-surface cleaner

That’s all! No soap scum remover, no special sprays, no single-use products designed to clean only blinds or fans or walls. Professionals know that with these four simple products, they will be able to handle any ordinary cleaning chore.”

6. Transport all your cleaning products

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For efficiency reasons, professional cleaners carry all their cleaning products with them. All their tools – cleaners, brushes and rags – are in a bin or container. Mops and mini-vacuums wait by the door. A plastic bag for waste is nestled in a pocket next to the cloth. That’s why the pro finished the whole bathroom before an amateur goes up the stairs with their powder cleaner.

7. Minimize your movements

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“Professional cleaners don’t go around a room more than once: they stand in front of the sink, wipe and wipe the mirror, rub the sink, wipe the counters and polish the appliances before they move an inch to the right or left,” says Cynthia.

“Don’t be physical with your cleansing sessions, make every move count, clean everything in your way before you go on to the next spot.”


8. Two hands are better than one


“You shouldn’t get into the habit of using both hands to attack your cleaning tasks,” advises Cynthia.

“Spray your mirror with one hand, wipe it with the other for example.”


9. Work as a team

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Two people make a bed four times faster than one person. Two or three people can clean a house faster than one person, of course. Make cleaning up a group effort. Family members are more reluctant to mess up a clean home when they have been part of the cleanup effort!

10. Tidy up before you start cleaning

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“Professional cleaners clean, they don’t clean up counters, furniture, appliances and floors. They can’t do their job if every surface of the house is covered with paper, toys, dirty dishes and clutter,” says Cynthia.