Discover why this woman uses a ton of sponges every week!

You probably have sponges at home. Did you know though, that you could use it for way more than just scrubbing your dirty dishes clean or countertops?


Everyone has sponges in their homes. Usually, we use these objects to clean our dishes or the various rooms in our homes. But, it is interesting to know that these household objects can be useful in many different ways in your daily life. Here are some unusual and practical ways to use sponges. After discovering these tips and tricks, we guarantee you will start accumulating sponges in your home!

1. Make a nail polish remover container

Pour your liquid nail polish remover on a few sponges you’ve added to a small and clear glass container. Dip each of your fingers in the spongy container and finally say goodbye to cotton balls when it comes time to remove your nail polish.

2. Keep your soap dry when it’s not being used

The sponge will dry up the soap, stretch its lifespan and prevent slimy residues from forming under the soap.

3. Play silent Jenga

You don’t know how to keep your kids entertained? Why not cut some sponges so they look like Jenga wood blocks? Your kids will have tons of fun creating towers but you won’t have to hear the tumble of wooden blocks.

4. Remove lint of pet hair from your car seats

Are your car seats infested with lint and pet hair? Know that you can easily remove them if you use a sponge.

5. Help your plants stay hydrated

Place a sponge at the bottom of your flower pot before adding water. It will act like a water reserve and will keep the ground humid for a longer period of time.

6. Dont’ lose your sewing needles anymore

To avoid losing all your sewing needles, all you need is to “plant” them in a sponge and leave it close to your other sewing accessories.

7. Seal your envelopes

Stop licking your envelopes to seal them! Lightly humidify a sponge to rapidly and effectively seal them.

8. Here is how to make your seeds sprout

Never underestimate seeds (or sponges for that matter)! They can grow in very surprising environments! Rapid growing grains (like beans and marigold) easily grow in humid sponges. Incorporate the seeds in the object on a plate, and place it in a sunny spot.

9. Protect your surfaces

Protect your wooden tables against any scratches by sticking small rectangles or squares of sponges under vases or porcelain bowls for example.

10. Keep your food cold

Freeze one and place it in a plastic bag to conserve the humidity it contains. You will have a great portable and homemade frozen block to keep your food cold.

11. Use the last tidbits of soap

Don’t throw out the last little tidbits of your bar of soap! Cut a slit in the middle of the sponge to create a crevice just big enough for your pieces of soap. The soap will spread uniformly on it once it is wet.

12. Stop the spread of germs

Place a humid sponge in the microwave for 60 seconds to neutralize bacteria and stop the spread of germs.

13. Absorb fridge odours 

Sprinkle a bit of baking soda on a sponge and place it in your vegetable drawer so it can absorb bad odours.

Source: The Krazy Coupon Lady