Here are 16 deadliest foods you regularly consume

Here are the deadliest foods that are probably part of your everyday diet and you also probably ignore all the dangers they represent your health.


What you eat on a daily basis could determine your future. To live until you’re old and stay healthy for the rest of your days on earth, you should avoid certain foods. Discover the 16 deadliest foods you consume daily.

1. Margarine

Replace your margarine with butter, olive oil or coconut oil. Rich in hydrogenated vegetable oils and trans fats, margarine can increase the risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer.

2. Soft drinks

Soft drinks are filled with empty calories that cause weight gain and therefore increase the risk of cancer, osteoporosis, diabetes and heart disease. You only consume the zero sugar versions and therefore do not feel concerned? You are wrong. Although they do not contain calories, they are just as harmful to your health.

3. Cold cuts

If you love a ham and brie baguette for lunch, you’d better change your eating habits. Several studies have shown a link between the consumption of deli meats and cancer, mainly colorectal cancer.

4. Sugary cereal

Many people are huge fans of sugary breakfast cereal. This is not surprising since they are filled with refined sugar. Their huge popularity is quite problematic though since most people who consume these kinds of cereals are young kids.

5. Chips

Rich in flavour but also in trans fat, salt, and calories, chips represent a risk factor for many diseases, especially high cholesterol.

6. Prepackaged pastries

Are you more of a sweet tooth? Opt for healthy homemade pastry and avoid prepackaged treats. These are filled with trans fat and refined sugar.

7. “Light” foods

Do you think you’re making a smart choice by choosing “light” foods instead of choosing the original option? Unfortunately, this is not the case. These diet versions are usually filled with extra sugar, artificial sweeteners and high fructose corn syrup.

8. Fries

Even if they taste delicious, fries are horribly unhealthy. They are filled with calories, salt and fat. If you love them, you don’t have to stop eating them. Cook them in the oven and add just a small amount of oil and salt.

9. Ice cream

Is the sun extremely hot and you feel like a refreshing snack? Opt for an iced yogurt. Rich in fat and sugar, ice cream represents a great risk for cholesterol and diabetes.

10. Cheese

The high-fat content in cheese is why it is added to this list. Exercise restraint when you serve yourself some cheese and avoid highly transformed varieties and low-quality ones.

11. Red meat

If you want to stay healthy and stay alive, reduce your red meat intake to a minimum. Consuming pork, beef, lamb and other similar animals are linked to the development of numerous cancers.

12. Fast food and fried food

An excessive consumption of fast food or fried food causes obesity as well as increase cardiovascular accidents. Do not have these types of foods daily or even monthly.

13. White bread

White bread is anything but natural. Extremely transformed, it has no essential nutrient. It also contributes to the development of many health problems including diabetes.

14. Microwave popcorn

Are you planning a movie night? Make your own popcorn. The microwavable versions contain a chemical product called diacetyl, which is known to destroy the cells that protect your brain.

15. Fruit juice

Surprising, but true: fruit juices are not a healthy option. Lacking fibre, these juices contain more sugar than normal fruit and a lot of companies even add more sugar.

16. Energy drinks

The next time you feel you are low on energy, don’t choose an energy drink. Instead, drink a cup of green tea, which, contrary to energy drinks, isn’t filled with sucrose, fructose, chemical substances and a too high quantity of caffeine.


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