10 types flowers that are easy to grow

Here's a list of 10 flowers that are very easy to grow.


The summer season is the perfect time to indulge in the joys of gardening! Unfortunately, not everyone has a green thumb. People who have trouble gardening are often discouraged to start doing this activity that is so pleasant for others. However, some plants and flowers are very easy to grow. We have compiled 10 flowers that have this advantage.

1. Sweetpea

Filip Fuxa – 123RF

This plant is very fragrant. It can grow up to 1,5 m. Plant 4-5 of these and space them out at about 50 cm from each other.

2. Daisies


Daisies blossom every year. Genius, no? Plant the seedlings in the month of May in your yard. It will take 2 to 3 months to grow and will last until the month of October.

3. Cosmos


According to Stéphane Frisson, director of the plant sector at Jardiland: “It is a plant with a very light greenery with a flower that looks like a daisie.” Plant them in the month of May.

4. Lavatera


You can plant lavatera in April or May. This flower, which grows up to 80 cm, flowers a lot. You need to water it often.

5. Nasturtium


The nasturtium’s flowering is quite long. According to Stéphane Frisson, director of the plant sector at Jardiland: “She has a great advantage since it can be eaten since it has a nice, delicate peppery taste like black radishes.” It is a decorative flower for your backyard and in your meals.

6. Phlox

Michael Le Bret / Promesse de Fleurs

Phloxes are perfect for your garden. Yes, these flowers are solid and quite massive. Also, it releases a delicious perfume. Plant them in the month of March, April or September.

7. Nepeta

Michael Le Bret / Promesse de Fleurs

The nepetas are a gorgeous blue flower. Plant them in the month of March or May. It particularly loves a Mediterranean climate.

8. Gaura

Michael Le Bret / Promesse de Fleurs

This light pink flower grows rapidly and adapts itself quite well to different soils. It doesn’t necessarily need to be constantly in the sun but it is always better to keep it out of humidity. To do this, add some river sand in the earth or gravel to the earth.

9. Morning glory


Morning glory is like a colourful bindweed. You can get some blue, pink and violet flowers. They can grow up to 4 metres high. Plant 5-6 seeds but make sure to keep 50 cm between each flower.

10. Erigeron

Michael Le Bret / Promesse de Fleurs

Also called the Mexican fleabane, Erigeron flowers from the month of May to September. It does not need a lot of care, which means it is a great flower for gardening novices. Plant them during the month of March and May in fresh soil. Make sure to plant them in a sunny place.