20 household objects you can get rid of without feeling any guilt

Would you like to have more space in your house? Here are 20 household objects you can get rid of without feeling any guilt!


Sometimes we find that we lack a lot of space in our house or apartment. No matter how much we clean and how many organizational hacks we use, nothing can be done. To have more space, it is sometimes better to simply get rid of certain useless objects we have lying around. Instead of wasting your time dealing with the clutter of having too many things in your home, get rid of those items that you no longer use. Here is a list of 20 objects that will not be missed and that will allow you to have more space in your home. 

1. Dull knives


Get rid of knives with a dull blade. Especially inexpensive steak knives that can’t be easily sharpened. In reality, they are much more dangerous than your sharpest knives. If your old knives are still good, you can give them away but make sure you wrap the blade so not to create an incident and label them.

2. Baby things


It can be sometimes really sad to get rid of old objects that belonged to your child, we understand that. But if their old clothes or toys are still useable, they can make a family in need happy.

3. Hair ties


Your hair deserves more than old elastics that are stretched out and are about to break or worse, ones that have been collecting dust on your floor for an indefinite time.

4. Dated reference books


Obsolete information won’t broaden your horizons so unless you use these books as a historical reference, give them away. Many thrift stores say no to outdated reference books so look for community groups that can use them for crafting and collages.

5. Novels


Why not offer those bestseller novels you devoured to your friends or why not deposit them in those cute public library stands you can find in parks and street corners? People will be happy to read them and you will have more space in your own library at home.

6. Old medication


There’s no use in keeping old medication, especially if they are expired. If this is the case, don’t throw them out in the garbage. Bring them back to your local pharmacy.

7. Unused craft supplies


Did you hear knitting was a great way to de-stress and so you went out to buy a ton of yarn and needles but you haven’t picked up the needles once since? Either you start knitting or you don’t, simple as that. If you decide to abandon the idea of knitting, you can always donate your supplies to second-hand stores.

8. Expired spices


It is important to take the time to clean out your spice rack because, at some point, you won’t have cinnamon, it will have become tasteless dust powder.

9. Ratty sheets


They have been washed so many times that they are practically transparent. Like your old towels, numerous animal shelters need your old sheets to keep their cats and dogs warm at night.

10. CD collection


All the music you don’t listen to anymore can be brought directly to a second-hand store, after all, these CDs take up space (and collect dust). And the CDs you still like? Take the day to digitize them on your computer.

11. Plastic grocery bags


You know that you shouldn’t throw them out so you accumulate them in your pantry, which prevents you from storing other things. Instead of this, assemble them and then bring them to a place that recycles them.

12. Promotional t-shirts


You will probably not wear the t-shirt you received for free when you gave a donation for a cause you support or the t-shirt that came in the case of beer you got 5 years ago, so give them away or make a DIY project with them.

13. Shabby towels


You can cut them up and use them as rags or you can donate them to animal shelters since they always need some to make beds for the animals.

14. Reusable bags


If you visit markets and grocery stores that respect the environment (so don’t have plastic grocery bags) but you always seem to forget your reusable bags at home, you have probably developed quite a large collection since you always have to buy more when you’re at the supermarket. But you’re not being ecological if you don’t use them more than once. Give away your extra bags to a charitable organization or give them to friends when they come over. It’s a very practical object to have!

15. VHS cassettes


Try to get rid of your old VHS cassettes that probably take up tons of space in your wardrobe. Even though most thrift stores will refuse cassettes, they can often be recycled.

16. Extra buttons


Considering how clothes are made these days, the second you have to change a button on a shirt or pants, it will be used. Give your old buttons to kids for crafting (for some reason kids love buttons, it’s like jewellery for them) or give them to your friend that loves to sew.

17. Flower vases


Vases usually pile up in your cupboards, taking up so much space you could be using for your dishes or other objects. Keep your favourite vases but give away the other ones you don’t use.

18. Lidless Tupperwares


Lidless Tupperwares are like socks in the dryer. For some reason, lids always seem to disappear but one thing is certain, a container without a lid won’t be useful to keep your leftovers. Get rid of them.

19. Perfumed body lotion


Body lotions, like most beauty products, have an expiry date. If you open the bottle but you wait too long to use the cream, bacteria will probably accumulate. It is best to throw out those old perfumed body lotions.

20. Old condiment packets


Your favourite take-out place gives you enough condiment packets for six people when you only order for two? Avoid accumulating these condiment packets: throw them out or add them to your kid’s lunchbox. You really don’t want to end up opening a drawer and find that one of the Ketchup packets has exploded all over your stuff…


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