Don’t attract wasps this summer with these tips

Would you like to enjoy the joys of your backyard, but it is invaded by wasps? Here are some tips to keep them away from your home.


One of the pleasures of the summertime is obviously to take advantage of your own patio in your backyard. However, sometimes it can be quite unpleasant to go outside to soak up the sun especially if your yard is invaded with wasps. In fact, they can be kind of scary, especially when you’re allergic to their sting. It is essential to get rid of them. Here are a few tips and tricks to help you ward them off from your house and also some tips to relieve a sting if you’ve been stung.

1. Build a wasp trap

A good way to eliminate wasps is to build a trap. You can build one quite easily. Here is how to do it:

  • Cut a plastic bottle in two (make the bottom part longer) and place the bottom part on your balcony or patio;
  • Pour some jam or a mix of beer and honey at the bottom of the bottle;
  • Place the top part of the bottle on the bottom part but make sure the neck is towards the bottom.

They will go feed themselves in the bottle but they won’t be able to get out of the trap.

2. Try the clove trick


Another totally natural way to get rid of wasps consists of squishing cloves and placing them on your outdoor table. You can also poke them through a lemon and place the lemon on your outdoor table or on your window frames.

3. Spray some bleach

Wasps might want to sneak into your house through small cracks in your home which could obviously cause you a lot of unwanted stress. You can, thankfully, avoid this problem with bleach:

  • Mix water with bleach in a spray bottle;
  • Spray this mix in places where you often find wasps but make sure you don’t damage any of your furniture;
  • Don’t spray your plants or on the ground.

This is a good trick but you need to repeat it a few times so it becomes really effective.


4. Ward them off with a tomato plant branch

A simple and effective way to keep wasps away is to place a tomato plant branch near you when you are outside. In fact, this smell is an excellent repellent against wasps. Growing tomato plants in your yard is also a good idea to avoid having wasps around during the summer season.

5. Opt for incense sticks

If you love eating out on your patio, don’t be surprised if wasps accompany you during your meal. They may be attracted by the smell of food (as much as you are!). Luckily, incense can help you get rid of wasps. All you have to do is light incense sticks during your meal and place them near your dining table.

6. Try the melon juice trick

You might not know this but melon juice can be quite effective in killing wasps. Here is what to do:

  • Pour melon juice into a container;
  • Place the container on your patio or on the edge of a window;
  • The wasps will drink the liquid and then die.

You don’t have any melon juice? You can place melon pieces in specific places in your house instead.

7. Relieve your sting with heat

Heat can help relieve a wasp sting. All you need to do is take a hairdryer and direct hot air towards your sting. The heat will erase the stinging effect.

8. Relieve the pain with vinegar

Another ingredient that helps relieve wasp stings is vinegar:

  • Soak a cotton ball in vinegar;
  • Rub your sting with the soaked cotton ball;
  • Repeat if necessary.

9. Try the onion hack

Le vitaliseur de Marion

An onion can also soothe the pain. Here is how to take advantage of its benefits:

  • Cut an onion in two;
  • Take one of the two pieces of the onion and rub it on your wasp sting;
  • Rub the sting for 5-10 minutes to make sure to completely soothe the sting.

10. Get rid of them with coffee bean smoke

It is also possible to get rid of wasps with the help of some coffee and a lighter. To do this:

  • Pour some ground coffee into a cup
  • With the help of a lighter or a match, light the coffee;
  • Wait until smoke begins to form. This will make the wasps disappear.