The 10 best secrets to keep your white clothes sparkling

Your white clothing items are maybe clean but do their appearance reflect it? It is not always easy to keep the whiteness in our clothes.


No need to get rid of your favourite white shirt because the fabric has yellowed. You can extend the life of your white clothing thanks to a couple of easy tips. Here are 10 of the best-kept secrets to keep your white clothes from yellowing.

1. Wearing them once or twice before washing them

Sweat, natural body oils and products like deodorant can accumulate on clothes and make them yellow with time. You need to clean them before these substances accumulate.

2. Tackle stains as quickly as possible

Don’t toss a stained shirt in the laundry bin to wash it later. If you wish to keep your whites white, you need to tackle stains right away.

3. Soak to remove stains

After applying a stain remover but before you start scrubbing, leave your clothes to soak in water. This step can help decompose the stain particles.

4. Separate whites from colours

No exceptions. This step can seem obvious but it is vital. Don’t mix them even if you only have one or two colourful items that are old and shouldn’t bleed on the whites.

5. Use bleach

Using bleach truly helps to whiten fabrics. You can also test an agent that aims to make your whites colder which makes them bluer and less yellow.

6. Measure your soap accurately

Too much or not enough detergent can leave your whites dull or yellowed. Follow the indications on the detergent bottle and measure the amount correctly.

7. Don’t overstuff your washer

It is tempting to save water and time by overstuffing the washing machine with clothes. However, it is best not to, to ensure an effective cleaning of your whites.

8. Use the warmest water possible

Hot water helps to dislodge dirt and to kill as many germs as possible hiding in your clothes. But it can also make your clothes shrink. Make sure you read the tags on your clothes carefully in order to use hot water without ruining your items.

9. Dry your clothes according to the label

Too much drying can cause premature use in your clothes. It’s no use to have an ultra white t-shirt if it is too used to actually wear it. Follow the washing and drying instructions carefully in order to maximize their lifespan.

10. Rinse well

Soap residues can stay in the fabric and make your white clothes yellow just like sweat and deodorant do. Make sure to rinse your clothes properly when you handwash your clothes.

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