8 ingenious and nice-smelling tips so your house always smells nice

What could be more comforting than entering a house with a sweet smell of freshly baked pastries or clean laundry? Find out!


We all love entering a bakery and smelling freshly baked bread or crossing paths with someone on the street who has a very nice perfume. Odours have the power of reminding us of old memories or they can create a pleasant ambiance. Here are 8 ways to make sure your house always smells nice.

1. Custom ambiance air freshener


Create your own air freshener by simmering a few ingredients on your stove top. Choose your scent mix according to the season and your personal taste.

2. Ambiance perfume container


Just like on the page before, personalize your home fragrance by creating your own combination of scents. Add hot water to nice glass jars filled with the ingredients of your choice.

3. Clean the waste disposal


Your garbage disposal in your sink could cause unwanted odours in your home. Get rid of these bad odours and replace them with nicer smelling ones by pouring in a little bit of soap or a few slices of lime or lemon and water before starting it back again.

4. Perfumed sachet


Put perfumed sachets in your closet and cupboards. When you use your sheets and other textiles, they will smell like the sachets and contribute to a nice smelling home.

5. Indoor plants


Decorate your home with fragrant houseplants. If you have a garden, pick a few flowers to make an indoor bouquet. You can also stop by the florist from time to time. Besides smelling wonderful, flowers are beautiful.

6. Candles


Get in the habit of lighting a few nice-smelling candles when you get home. They will add a pleasant ambiance in your home as well as add a comforting smell.

7. Fabric dryer sheets


Instead of using perfumed sachets, you can put a few fabric softener sheets in different strategic places in your home so that the furniture can absorb the nice smell.

8. Cook


Are you having people over? Plan to cook early in the day. Bake something simple like cookies or a banana bread so you don’t waste your whole day. The house will smell amazing just in time for when your guests arrive.

Source: Good Housekeeping