18 healthy and hearty sandwich recipes ideal for lunches

Are you tired of the same old brie and ham sandwich combo but you don't have any inspiration when it comes time to prepare your lunch?


Surprise your taste buds and add variety to your lunch hour. Here are 18 original and delicious sandwich recipes… Fun new recipes without the extra pounds!

1. Cauliflower and barbecue chickpeas


Roasted vegetables, vegetable protein and the great taste of barbecue, all served in a pita bread. And don’t forget the guacamole!

2. Grilled vegetables and goat cheese wrap


Too often forgotten at lunchtime, goat cheese goes wonderfully well with grilled vegetables. Sauté your favourite vegetables and wrap them in a whole wheat tortilla.

3. Vegetable and provolone baguette


Fill your baguette with colourful vegetables and provolone cheese for a colourful and delicious dinner. Grill it in a panini press or eat it cold.

4. Quinoa and mushroom hamburger


Make quinoa and mushroom patties. Simply bring a hamburger bun and place your patty and condiments in the bun after reheating it.

5. Turkey hamburger


Like the mushroom and quinoa burger, reheat a turkey meat patty and place it in a flatbread for fewer carbohydrates.

6. Teriyaki chicken lettuce boats


Add an oriental touch to your lunch box with this chicken, vegetable sandwich topped with teriyaki sauce. Lettuce boats are a creative and delicious way to cut carbohydrates.

7. Greek yogurt chicken salad


Replace mayonnaise with Greek yogurt in this version of a chicken salad sandwich. Less fat, richer in protein and just as good, you will come out a winner.

8. Grilled broccoli grilled cheese


Add greens to your grilled cheese! This new addition to the traditional hot cheese sandwich adds flavour and vitamins to your lunch.

9. Green power


Fill yourself up with this sandwich overflowing with delicious…greens. The crunchy cucumbers, the creamy avocados and the good taste of mozzarella will satisfy you.

10. Crushed chickpea salad


For the best vegetarian sandwich, crush chickpeas and mix them with the seasonings of your choice. Garnish with a variety of vegetables and you won’t be hungry in the middle of the afternoon, trust us.

11. Chicken gyro


You didn’t think about gyros, did you? Enjoy a healthy Greek meal at lunchtime. Top it with tzatziki for a delicious low-fat chicken giro.

12. Braised portobello


This vegetarian version of a braised pork sandwich topped with feta cheese is sure to make your colleagues jealous.

13. Tuscan tuna


This Tuscan version of the traditional tuna sandwich adds something new to your lunch box. Filled and topped with dried tomatoes and hard-boiled eggs, this sandwich will allow you to fill up on protein while still enjoying every bite.

14. The ultimate vegetable sandwich


Add lettuce, beets, cucumber, red cabbage, tomato, avocado, sprouts, radishes and even smoked tofu and why not add strawberries if you feel like it? Go for it and add as many raw veggies as you want between the two pieces of whole wheat bread.

15. Beet hummus


Add some colour to your lunchbox thanks to this magnificent and savoury pink hummus. Add your favourite green veggies with a generous portion of hummus and enjoy it happily.

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