10 uncomplicated and inspiring gardening ideas for potted plants

Are you looking for gardening ideas for your potted plants? Here are 10 inspiring and uncomplicated ideas to try right now!


Lighten your garden workload this summer by creating a beautiful garden with pots, steel containers, decorative boxes, and more. What’s wonderful is that you can plant whatever you want inside pots – as long as there is a lot of water, sun and as long as you have some good fertilizer. Here are 10 gardening ideas that are uncomplicated and inspiring for your potted plants.  

1. Create a magical garden


Add a little bit of magic in your backyard with this adorable planter. All you need is a mini birdhouse, rustic stones and to add a few magical accessories.

2. Place your plants on a ladder


Recycle an old rusty ladder, add a new coat of paint and adding planters on it, flower pots and antique boxes.

3. Transform a birdhouse into a planter


This two in one planter will keep birds in your neighbourhood happy all while adding a little bit more greenery to your house. It is an inspiring and creative idea.

4. Opt for a vertical planter


Is your outdoor space limited? Simply opt for vertical planters. Not only will this help save space in your yard but it can also add some intimacy between you and your neighbours.

5. Create an antique mural planter


This DIY planter is easier (and less expensive) to do than it seems: take an old banister, add some plant hangers and then fill the planters with your choice of herbs and succulents.

6. Put plants in pouches of earth


Hang an old canvas or a shoe organizer on a fence or on a wall and then fill the compartments with earth, ferns or vines. Voila – your suspended planter is complete!

7. Place your pots in parallel


Instead of waiting for the slow maturation of shrubs to offer you some intimacy in your yard, use giant planters as an instant green screen. These parallel leafy rows help to isolate yourself all while decorating your garden.

8. Try mismatched pots


A mix of mismatched glazed and graphic pots – some overturned so there is a slight sequencing of heights – seem coordinated when they are grouped together.

9. Install pots on a wooden pallet


Fix some argyle pots on a pallet with some nails and rustproof cable ties so you can get some creative planters that allow you to keep your rosemary and basil close at hand. Don’t forget to space out the pots so your plants have enough space to grow.

10. Use letter-shaped hard cardboard


Create a custom-made planter by reusing a cardboard letter. Cut the top of the form of the letter, line it with some plastic then fill the letter with some earth and add little flowers. Pierce some holes at the bottom of the cardboard to let the excess water go through.


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