15 cooking tips that will make you an ace in the kitchen

If you're looking for ways to improve your cooking, here are some tips and tricks used by many eminent chefs.


Almost everyone can agree that cooking is an art form. That’s why it’s important to rely not only on our culinary talents but also on a set of rules to make the dish you want to cook a success. Moreover, cooking has its own secrets that chefs pass on from one generation to the next. Here are some little-known tips that will make your dishes even tastier and make them worthy of the best kitchens in the world. 

1. If you like peppers but you don’t love their spicy taste…

Du champ à la table

Do you like peppers but you don’t appreciate their spicy taste? All you need to do is remove all the seeds and then rinse them with cold water. The spicy taste will disappear but not their delicious taste.

2. Cut out some calories when you bake a dessert

Are you counting calories? You can replace fatty cream with 3/4 of egg whites when you’re making a dessert.

3. Here’s how you know if you need to boil your vegetables or not

If you’re not sure whether you need to boil your vegetables in water, keep this tip in mind: vegetables that grow under the earth need cold water and those that grow above ground need hot water.

4. Check if your whisked eggs are ready


When you whisk egg whites, turn the bowl upside down to verify the consistency: if they are ready, the egg whites will stay in the bowl. It is obviously a bold tip to try…

5. Opt for cooked beets in your salads


Use oven cooked beets in your salads: contrary to boiled beets, cooked beets contain more vitamins and keep their taste and colour longer.

6. Here is how to cut your onions

Cutting an onion can be simple if you start by dividing it in half: cut the two ends, cut it horizontally and make longitudinal cuts. The number of cuts depend on the number of cubes you wish to make. Then, finally, cut the onion across.

7. Add salt to your salad before adding oil

Bio à la une

Add some oil to your salad only after had added the salt. Or else, the oil won’t let the salt dissolve completely.

8. Cook your pasta the right way

Perdre des cuisses

Here is a hack to ensure your pasta doesn’t stick together: use as much water as possible. Take at least 1 litre of water for 100 g of dry pasta and you will get perfect results.

9. Discover the secret to perfect dough

Marché Adonis

The secret to getting perfect dough for pastries is simple: the weight of the flour needs to be equal to the weight of the sugar, and the weight of the eggs has to be equal to the one of butter.

10. Cook your mashed potatoes the right way


To cook mashed potatoes so they become soft and smooth, add milk and baking soda on the edge of your knife and whisk for 2-3 minutes.

11. Easily determine if the frying oil is hot enough


Use a wooden stick to check if the frying oil is hot enough. If you see bubbles around the stick, this means you can start frying your food.

12. Cook your rice perfectly


For unroasted rice, roast it in a pan with a little vegetable oil, then add boiling water. If you want to add a light garlic taste, add a clove of garlic and remove it once the rice is cooked.

13. Replace flour with cocoa powder


Everyone knows that we have to sprinkle some flour on our work surface people rolling a pie dough. However, if you’re making a sweet dish, you can replace the flour with cocoa powder: this will create a nice and delicate aroma that won’t affect the taste of the dessert.

14. Make good meatballs

Le Chef Cuisto

To cook more savoury meatballs, heat up some chopped onions with some vegetable oil, and then grind them with the meat. Not only will this tip improve the taste of your meatballs but it will also eliminate any chances of finding uncooked onions in your cooked meatballs.

15. Have crispy potatoes


You can get crispy potato crusts without using any frying oil by sprinkling them with flour and cooking them in the oven. It is a simply delicious and inexpensive hack!