15 alarming diabetes signs you need to know

Diabetes is an illness that is increasingly common and that can lead to very serious consequences. It is best to know the symptoms before it's too late.


A person suffering from diabetes lacks insulin or their body resists the insulin’s actions which means that the organism is incapable of using the glucose as a source of energy for the cells. The sugar then stocks itself in the blood, which causes hyperglycemia. With time, diabetes can cause severe health complications. It is essential to learn how to recognize symptoms of diabetes and to act quickly. 

1. A gum infection or inflammation

Periodontitis — also known as gum disease — can be an early sign of type 2 diabetes.

2. Skin discoloration

If you notice your skin losing its colour, it can usually be a sign of insulin resistance — a loss of sensitivity to the hormone that the body uses to regulate glucose — that can eventually lead to diabetes. You could also have annoying itches and irritations and a different kind of skin sensibility.

3. Strange sensations in your feet

Approximately 10 to 20% of people diagnosed have some kind of nerve damage linked to the illness. It is possible to feel a strange tingling in the feet or even slightly lose your balance. If you notice a strange sensation in your feet and it doesn’t leave after a few days, go see a doctor!

4. Vision loss

High sugar levels in the blood can damage your retinas and cause a fluctuation of the levels of liquid around your eyeball, leaving you with blurred or altered vision. Once the sugar levels are back to normal, eyesight is usually back to normal, but if the diabetes isn’t taken care of rapidly, the damages can become permanent.

5. Hearing loss

Hyperglycemia can also affect the ear nerve cells and cause hearing impairments.

6. Being constantly tired

Glucose slows down the blood flow, so your cells won’t get the necessary amount of nutrients and oxygen they need. In this sense, you always feel tired and wish you could always take a nap.

7. A constant need to urinate

If you suffer from diabetes, your body generally produces more urine since it tries to eliminate the sugar levels in your blood.

8. A constant hunger

A lack of insulin makes sugar stay in your blood. Especially if you suffer from type 1 diabetes, your cells will look to get the fuel they don’t seem to get so it will provoke an exaggerated hunger.

9. A rapid weight loss

Even if you are always hungry, you will probably lose weight if you have diabetes. In fact, your cells try to survive thanks to other substances they find in fats and proteins but your body cannot transform these foods into energy so you end up losing weight.

10. Wounds don’t heal quickly

Wounds heal when there is good blood circulation, but diabetes prevents this good circulation. You are 6 times more at risk to have wounds that don’t heal or that heal very slowly if you have diabetes.

11. A high risk of urinary infections

When you have this illness, your body tries to eliminate the sugar by urinating. This high level of sugar in your urine encourages the spreading of bacterias which can lead to urinary infections. You could even have itches and yeast infections more often.

12. Your nails have vertical bumps

Do your nails have vertical lines across the width? This can be a sign of diabetes, vascular disease or a lack of zinc. These bumps can also appear if you had a long fever or if you are presently undergoing chemotherapy treatments.

13. Heat waves and excessive sweating

A lot of people who have it consult a doctor after experiencing excessive sweating. They happen often and even during times of complete rest. It is a symptom you should never ignore.

14. Your nails have white and dark streaks

Your nails can be marked with white and dark streaks if you have a liver disease, AIDS, diabetes or if your immune system is very sensitive. This can also happen to older people.

15. Always thirsty

If you are inexplicably always thirsty, it is maybe a sign that something is wrong!