10 tips to organize and tidy a garage

If you have a tendency of accumulating objects in an unorganized way in your garage, here are a few tricks that could help you keep things tidy.


Is your garage (or your atelier) so messy that you often lose some of your tools or worst, you don’t even dare start cleaning it because you wouldn’t even know where to start since there are so many things? Here are a few ingenious ways to organize and put some order in this room. Once you’ve tried these tricks, you will have so much more space in this room, where keeping things in order is essential.

1. Organize your screws and nails


It is normal to have a lot of screws and nails, especially if you’re a person who works on a lot of home improvement projects. If this is your case, make sure you organize all your different screws and nails in different mason jars or baby food jars. It is simple and practical storing solution.

2. Store your tools in PVC


To keep your numerous tools in order, you can install some PVC pipes on the wall. This way, your different screwdrivers, hammers, and pliers will be well organized and won’t pollute your work surface or worse, the floor.

3. Here is how to store your brushes


Brushes can be cumbersome, especially if you just used them to paint something. Thankfully, you can store them by hanging them on a metal bar that you have placed with 2 small hooks you’ve inserted into your ceiling. Make sure, obviously, to wash them before placing them there.

4. Organize your wire extensions


If you have wires or extensions in your garage, your basement or even in your atelier, keep them organized by tying them on a piece of wood that you have installed on your wall with hooks and holes made especially for this. Genius, no?

5. Don’t let anything get dusty


Storing boxes are a good way to help you put away every item in your house, whether it is in your bedroom, your basement, or in your garage. You can also install wall supports to tie your sports equipment that you don’t use all year long (like a bike).

6. Store your screwdrivers


You don’t have a lot of screwdrivers so you’re looking for a simple and practical way to store them? Why not install a small shelf on the wall and make holes in it so you can place your tools there? You can also place other renovation tools, like measuring tape for example.

7. Optimize your storing spaces


If ever you think you need more storing space, you can always use your doors to put away some of your tools and work accessories. It is a great way to optimize storing space all while keeping things tidy in your garage.

8. Buy as many perforated panels as you wish


Perforated panels are very popular with people that work on DIY projects, you can truly see their use in ateliers. It is the perfect accessory to store a number of your tools. Don’t hesitate to go out and buy yourself perforated panels.

9. Don’t lose your construction material anymore


Are you tired of losing construction materials or leaving them anywhere in your atelier or garage? Put into place a structure on your ceiling (for example, a solid cardboard cylinder) and store your wood pieces and other things you wish to put away.

10. Store your tools with wood panels


If you have a lot of gardening tools, you can take some wood panels to create storing boxes, paint them, and place them against the walls of your garage. Once this is done, store your various gardening tools (for example, your shovels, a broom, as well as your rakes) inside them.