Clean your barbecue grills with these 10 tips

Learn to clean your barbecue grills with these 10 simple and effective tips. You won't waste any more time doing this annoying task.


It’s time to take out the barbecue! However, even though this tool prepares us succulent dishes after the food is finished comes the less fun part: cleaning it. Yes, the grills need to be cleaned! Here are 10 tips to help you clean them well and to make sure you don’t have to restart. 

1. Heat your BBQ

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You don’t need to spend 2 hours scrubbing your grill if you want to make them look good as new. You just need to follow these 3 steps.

  • Turn on your BBQ;
  • Heat it at a very high temperature: the grease will melt;
  • Make a ball with newspaper and use it to scrub the grill.

2. A brush



Choosing a barbecue brush is much more important than you think. If you buy a low-end product, you risk finding small bits of iron or metal in your food.

Choose a good brush adapted for cleaning your barbecue will clean it well without damaging it. A ball of aluminum foil can also do the trick!

3. The inside of the barbecue


It is really important that the inside of your BBQ always be clean in order to protect your grills and to ensure your food is well cooked.

To do this, mix hot water with liquid dish soap and clean your barbecue with a soft cloth.

Beware: If you have a gas barbecue, protect the gas entry with a piece of aluminum foil when you clean it.

4. Use a baking mat


Have you ever heard of baking mats? You can place them directly on the grill. It’s simply genius! You don’t need to recuperate the grease at the bottom of your BBQ after you’ve finished cooking!

5. Soapy water

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Pour hot water into a container, add liquid dish soap and vinegar. Finally, scrub your grill with a brush and the mixture. It’s simple, effective and you don’t risk intoxicating yourself with any chemical product residues.

6. A spray


There also exists some specially made sprays for BBQs. The spray prevents your food from sticking to the grill, so you won’t dirty everything.

7. Use Ammonia for stubborn residue
  • Put 1 part ammonia in 2 parts water in a bowl;
  • Pour the mixture on the grills;
  • Wrap the grills in paper towels;
  • Put the grills in a garbage bag and close it;
  • Rinse them.

8. Aluminum

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Place some aluminum paper on the grill (put the shiny side on the grill) then heat your barbecue to the max for 10 to 20 minutes. Finally, brush the remaining grime off.

9. Let it soak

Place your grill in hot water, add detergent and some vinegar, and then let it soak all night. You won’t need to scrub it afterward.

10. Lemon

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Cut a lemon in half and scrub the grill with the lemon halves. It will smell good and your grills will be clean!

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