10 decorating trends to keep an eye on

Here are 10 trends to try according to social media <3


Interior decorating is very personal and there are so many items available on the market. We can spend a lot of time decorating the inside of your house. There’s a lot of inspiration online. Here are 10 decorating trends to keep an eye on according to social media.

1. A spa-inspired bathroom


One of the biggest 2018 trends is to inspire your bathroom decor from hotels. On Pinterest, you can find many inspirational ideas in “Bathrooms and spas”. You can, for example, use wood. It’s normal to be scared of damaging wood with the humidity of the bathroom but if you take the time to protect it and to dampproof it, it will stay nice.

2. Metallic decorations

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Metals are not only lovely when you wear them as jewellery. They also add a nice touch to any interior decor. They go well with almost any colour. You can use copper, brass or silver to add a nice touch to your rooms. These metals will add light as well as add charm.

3. Wallpaper on your ceiling


We usually paint or put wallpaper on the walls of our house. It doesn’t often happen that people put wallpaper on their ceiling. However, it is a place that can offer a chance to express our creativity in our home. We know it isn’t very easy to put wallpaper on the ceiling, but it isn’t impossible to do it. Start with a smaller room (like the bathroom), and make sure it embodies your style. You can find tons of ideas on Pinterest.

4. Everything is in the details (and in the marquetry)


If minimalism was very popular before, it isn’t the case anymore, at least not for furniture. From now on, buy marquetry furniture, to add style and texture to a room.

5. Wood is back in style


Do you feel like changing your floors? Inspire yourself from trends seen on Pinterest and dare to try a herringbone wood pattern floor. This type of floor will add a unique touch to your decoration!

6. A trendy entrance hall


The entrance door is the first thing people notice when they enter a home. It is important that you don’t neglect its appearance. To do this, you can paint it in a bright colour and add a brush-carpet with a funny or warm welcome message.

7. Decorate your house with plants


It is possible to decorate your house with some plants! Plants like Marantas can add a touch of colour and geometric shape to any decor with similar patterns in your home. You can highlight them in pretty wooden vases or in metallic jars to follow the trends aforementioned.

8. Art on walls


Once again, fashion isn’t all about minimalism nor about having white, bare walls. Dare to hang giant art pieces as well as giant photographs in your rooms. The goal is to express your creativity and your personality to the maximum.

9. Gray-green: we love it!

There were pastel colours, then minimalist white. The big trend now is gray-green. This colour, that is all at once soft and deep, goes well with furniture and wall accessories. You can’t miss out on this new colour, you need to try it. Why not try it now?

10. A strong comeback for terrazzo


Terrazzo is making a big comeback in people’s homes. You will like this unconventional granite print on your furniture and your house accessories, but you can also try it as wallpaper. It is the trendiest thing right now!