Learn How to Make Your Car Shine Without Going to the Car Wash!

The idea of cleaning your car makes you discouraged? Stop postponing this task. Here are easy tricks to make your car shine!


It is not fun to wash one’s car. It is, most of the time, a long and boring task. This is why most people postpone this chore as long as they possibly can. Yet, cleaning one’s car can actually be quick and simple to do if you have the right techniques. We propose to you a few tricks to help you master this annoying chore. With a few tricks, your car will shine in your driveway!

1. Use rubbing alcohol to clean your wipers

Changing windshield wipers can be very expensive. To avoid this unnecessary expense while still staying safe on the road, clean your wipers with rubbing alcohol and let them dry.

2. Wash the exterior of your car with argyle

After washing your car normally, take an argyle bar and rub it all over the exterior of your car to make it shine. You can find argyle in toy stores for children.

3. Get rid of insects

Insects are a real annoyance for cars. To remove insects from your windshield, wash your car with hot water and rub it with fabric softener sheets also soaked in hot water.

4. Make the interior of your car shine with Vaseline

Vaseline can be applied inside your car and on your dashboard to create a shiny finish. It is much cheaper than using “Armor All” and it is as efficient.

5. Make an affordable cleaning solution with household items

Mix 1 spoonful baking soda with 1 spoonful liquid detergent in a bucket with water for an efficient and affordable cleaning solution.

6. Use kerosene pour an affordable shiny finish

Another alternative to costly wax finishes is to use kerosene. Use a solution of kerosene and water on your car then dry it for a shine worthy of a professional.

7. Use bleach to get shiny black tires

Tire cleaning products are costly. Use bleach mixed with hot water to make your tires shine.

8. Wash your car with baby shampoo

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Mud, grease, or bird droppings stains can be quickly eliminated by pouring baby shampoo on a clean and humid cloth and then rubbing the stains with circular motions.

9. Make a homemade wiper cleaner

Mix 1/4 cup of ammonia and 1 cup cold water for a very efficient homemade wiper cleaner. Apply this solution on your wipers with a cotton ball or with a clean cloth.

10. Clean your windows with white vinegar

Instead of using the blue product from the store, use a white vinegar solution in a spray bottle to clean your windows. Wipe it off with newspaper instead of a towel to avoid having any lint residues stuck on your windows.

11. Remove tough stains with Club Soda

Tough stains (wine, blood, etc.) can easily be removed with Club Soda. Leave it on the stain for a few minutes and wipe it off with a cloth.

12. Remove dry stains with mayonnaise

Stains that are difficult to remove can be easily erased by applying mayonnaise on them. Leave it on the stain for 5 to 10 minutes then wipe it off with a clean cloth.

13. Make your car shine with conditioner


A great alternative to wax is to use hair conditioner to get a great finishing shine. The same way it makes your hair shine, conditioner can do the same thing for the paint on your car. Make sure to choose a brand that contains lanolin, which is the magic ingredient that gives it the shine. Simply pour a small amount in a towel and apply it in circular motions all over your car until it sparkles.

14. Remove rust on your car with Coke


This incredible trick will maybe make you think twice the next time you go out to buy some Coke. This substance is so strong that you can use it to eliminate rust spots. If you have a very stubborn stain, pour some Coke on steel wool and rub it with circular motions.

15. Use bodywork wax


To make your car shine, all you need to do is spray a bit of bodywork wax on a cloth and rub it on your car. Make sure that you read the instructions carefully before using this type of product.

16. Wash your car with soft cloths

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When you wash your car, use soft sponges and cloths so you don’t damage your car. They remove tough stains but won’t damage any parts of your vehicle.

17. Use royal jelly (honey)

You can make your car shine by using royal jelly (honey). Sure enough, this natural product helps get rid of dust as well as stains on your car paint. All you need to do is clean your car normally and then use royal jelly like you would with wax.

18. Clean your lights with toothpaste

  • Apply toothpaste all over your lights.
  • Leave it on for a few minutes.
  • Wash them with a clean cloth and water.


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