15 very useful unknown inventions (that are innovations!)

These most amazing inventions have helped to revolutionize the way we live today. Here are our Top 15 most hallucinating inventions ever.


Humans have been creating and inventing things for hundreds and hundreds of years and some of these most amazing inventions have helped to revolutionize the way we live today. Most of innovations are often quite useless, but not them all. We have listed, some of the inventions that are actually very useful while others are real trivialities. Here are our Top 15 most hallucinating inventions ever.

1. Reusable candle


Tired of buying candles that last only for a month? Here is a reusable candle. Called The Rekindle, this invention collects melting wax, which drip and forms a new candle. Clever right?



2. Umbrella with coffee holder


Holding your coffee while holding an umbrella can be very difficult while you are actually dealing with the rain. This invention allows you it all at the same time.

3. Cut your onions perfectly


Tired of cutting your fingers accidentally while trying to cut onions? Well, this invention could help you. This comb-shaped instrument helps keeping the onion in place so you can cut it off perfectly.

4. Innovative Baby Stroller


This is probably one of the coolest inventions on this list, not to brag! The Roller Buggy, is a modified baby roller taking the simple traction movement to transforms the baby stroller into a scooter. This makes transporting your baby actually way more enjoyable and it still make you workout as it takes a lot of balance and strength to drive it.

5. Rotary / Interchangeable Power Plugs


Exhausted to have a lack of space on your power bar? This invention was made for you. You will never run out of space again.

6. Hourglass Traffic-lights

Yanko Design

The design of the traffic light could change quickly. Yanko Designs has created a new design for traffic lights and it looks awesome.

7. Scissors for pizza

This Is Why Im Broke

The pizza’s scissors could be the revolutionary invention of the 21st century. The present invention cuts perfect slices of pizza and is much better than a pizza cutter. This comes in addition with a spatula!

8. Contact lenses for diabetics

Wall Street Journal

This invention could save the life of a diabetic person. With these lenses, people with diabetes can detect glucose levels through tears. If the glucose levels are unbalanced, the color of the lens will change to sensitize the person.

9. Thermometer for faucet

Gadget Review

Concerned about the right water temperature for your newborn? A great company has invented a faucet thermometer so you can see the temperature of the water you are pouring into your bath.

10. D.E.L. slippers

Wizard World Digital

Are you the type of person who constantly wakes up at night and use your phone flash light to avoid walking straight into a wall? TheseD.E.L. slippers will help guide you in the dark so that you will never hurt yourself again.

11. An umbrella bag

Bored Bug

An umbrella that serves as a bag? It looks like a dream … It is however real!

12. Lego key’s holder

Kitchen Hunter

If you had enough to constantly lose your keys as soon as you get home, go get yourself a treat and buy some Legos! If you have Legos, you can stick them to the wall and add a hook.

13. Lock for ice cream

This Is Why Im Broke

If you can’t deal with your roommate, whom is always eating your Ben and Jerry ice cream. You need this ingenious invention, allowing you to lock the lid of your ice cream. It’s all yours now!

14. Inflatable mattress for a car


Here is an invention for tourists (or people who really love their car)! Now you will never want to leave the comfort of your vehicle with this inflatable bed. You can have a nap or sleep when you feel like in your car.

15. A ring that can open beer

Fuzzy Brew

A beer opener that also serves as a fashion accessory? This is the perfect gift for any millennium or party animal!