10 perfect hairstyles for women with short hair

It's not because you have short hair that you can't style your hair the way you want to style it! Here are 10 cute and hairstyles for women with short hair!


It is not always easy to try new hairstyles, especially when you have short hair. It can seem as though there aren’t many styling options for women with short hair. We leave our hair down, without much thought. However, styling short hair is not as hard as we might think. There are tons of ways to style them when you have the right technique and a little bit of imagination. Here are 10 fabulous hairstyles to try if you have short hair.

10. Voluminous curls


Viola Davis’ hair, which is curled in a lateral way is an incredibly flattering hairstyle for anyone with a bob or lob. To replicate this hairstyle, use a curling iron.

9. A formal pixie cut


Pixie cuts are surprisingly versatile. In this case, Kate Hudson wears hers with a big side-part and she smoothed it on the side for a more formal look. Try this look by using some hair gel to stick your hair in place without any stiffness.

8. Gravity-defying curls


No matter your hair colour, this look stands out from all other hairstyles thanks to the combination of big retro curls on top and a modern buzz cut on the sides and the back. You will need a heavy duty hairspray to keep those curls in place like Pink’s!

7. Modern mullet


Don’t let the word ‘mullet’ scare you. Greta Gerwig’s interpretation is much more flattering than the original mullet since the back of her hair is only slightly longer than the hair on the sides and front of her face.

6. Shaved sides


This ultra-sophisticated version of shaved hair allows you to have enough length to give your hair many styling options. You can, for example, flip your hair to one side like Tilda Swinton has done to create a curly look that defies gravity and keeps your hair sleek.

5. Side wave


A brushed wave, created with a curling iron, can add a nice retro touch to your look. This only takes a few minutes to do!

4. Flipped hair


Kristen Stewart frames her face well by flipping her hair in front of her face and by effortlessly leaving a few strands on the side of her face.

3. Short and textured curls


Having short hair doesn’t mean they have to be straight. You can easily put some volume in your hair with a styling product. After applying the product, ruffle your hair.

2. Beach waves


‘Beach waves’ are not only for women with long hair. Women with short hair can also have them! Use a curling or straightening iron to create this easy, laid-back look.

1. Half-up


You might think that this hairstyle is too ‘young’ for you, but it’s actually perfect for women who only have a few minutes to spare and that want a cute hairstyle. Also, if you have thinner hair, curl your hair with the stylish hairstyle to give the illusion of having more hair.

Source: Good Housekeeping