20 surprising things to put in your ice cube tray

Exploit the maximum your ice cube tray can offer you by using your imagination! Anything is possible and feasible!


Usually, we only put water in ice cube trays. In reality, we can put many things instead of water, even flowers! Why limit ourselves with water when we can use our ice tray in many ways? We have chosen a few ideas that will really make you salivate. With a little bit of imagination, anything is possible! Here are 20 incredible and practical tricks to do with a ice cube tray.

20. Freeze your aromatic herbs with olive oil


You will already have the beginning of many recipes ready. Freezing herbs is easier with tough herbs like rosemary or sage.

19. Freeze your leftover broth so you don’t waste it


You will always have broth cubes ready to use. They will elevate the taste of your meal.

18. If you have overripe avocados, crush them and freeze them to add lipids to your smoothies.


Avocados become ripe quickly. By freezing them, you avoid having to throw them out.

17. Freeze your almost-expired yogurt easily and add protein to your smoothies


It is also easy to make them into appetizers by adding, for example, pomegranate seeds and a little bit of sugar.

16. Another way of adding to your smoothies with leafy greens


Spinach and kale are perfect examples. When they become wilted, put them in your mixer and their texture will be of no importance anymore.

15. Improve your favourite drinks wth coffee ice cubes


Some say there can never be too much caffeine in a drink, so this is a great way of adding some to your drink!

14. Stop wasting your tomato paste


You rarely need a whole can of tomato paste in a recipe, which means that the rest of it usually sits in the fridge for weeks until you end up throwing it away. It is easy to freeze your leftovers for another time.

13. Freeze your leftover squash puree


You can easily add some to your morning oats or your latte to give it a unique taste. Also, squash has tons of vitamin A and fiber, which makes it a perfect snack for your kids.

12. Freeze your buttermilk so you always have some on hand


You can make them with muffin tins, but ice cube trays will also do the trick.

11. Why not create an easy dessert?


All you need to do is melt some chocolate chips and take a bit of peanut butter to always have a great sugary snack when you feel like one.

10. Make some cocktail decorations

To make your drinks more festive, add some mint, edible flowers, or candied fruit in the middle of your ice cube tray and cover them with water. This will add some joy and flavour to your cocktails.

9. Don’t lose your wine leftovers

Ideas Geniales

The rare times when you don’t finish your wine bottles, pour the remainings in a ice cube tray, freeze them and use it to cook, to make sangria or to make hot wine. The wine will probably not conserve its taste when its frozen but at least you won’t waste your wine.

8. Freeze your lemon juice


Too lazy to squeeze some lemon juice when you’re barely awake at 7 a.m.? An ice cube lemon will do the trick. Squeeze a few lemons, put the juice in the freezer and you’ll have lemon juice when you’re ready to use it. Since it can take a while to melt, you can defrost them in the microwave before using them.

7. Always have coconut water on hand

Studies show that coconut water has the same benefits as sports drinks that contain electrolytes to rehydrate yourself. To always have some at hand and to enjoy it with some sparkling water, all you have to do it freeze your coconut water in ice cube trays and enjoy them anytime you need to quickly rehydrate yourself.

6. Make yourself a delicious dark chocolate dessert

This dessert is rich in antioxidants and only takes 5 minutes to make and only has 4 ingredients. All you need is a little bit of almond milk, cocoa powder, vanilla extract, and dark chocolate chips. Melt these 4 ingredients together at low heat and then transfer the mixture to an ice cube tray. You can eat it on its own or add it to smoothies, coffee or your hot chocolate.

5. Make some garlic and ginger cubes for asian recipes

Garlic and ginger ice cubes are perfect for people who cook asian cuisine often. If you don’t like preparing your food, making these cubes in advance is a great idea. You will save time and the ingredients won’t lose any of their taste when they are frozen.

4. Keep your egg whites

Fraîchement pressé

Since you can freeze eggs, you can also freeze egg whites. Many recipes ask only for egg yolks or for egg whites. If you have leftover egg whites, freeze them and use them when you need them.

3. Make chocolate-covered strawberries in advance


These romantic treats are easy to make, are visually attractive and are delicious. Melt some chocolate, pour it in an ice cube tray and place one strawberry in each cube. Let it cool until they are ready to serve.

2. Keep baby food longer


This amazing idea helps save time for parents. Freezing baby food is safe and all the  important nutrients are conserved. Don’t hesitate to use leftover baby food to put it in your ice cube tray.

1. Make perfect smoothies

The problem with smoothies is that the moment you turn off your blender, half of the smoothie is already diluted because of the ice. To get around this issue, make plain or fruit yogurt ice cubes. When you’re ready to make your smoothie, place the cubes in the blender with milk and fruit and your other favourite ingredients and you will make a perfect smoothie!


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