Create more volume in your hair with these simple and natural tricks

Is your hair flat and dull? Give it some volume and some brilliance with these totally natural and affordable hacks!


Most people want beautiful, silky hair with tons of volume like fashion models have in magazines. However, we often think that to obtain these luscious locks, we need to spend a small fortune on hair products at hair salons and pharmacies. Here are 15 affordable hacks to get more volume in your hair.

15. Wash your hair correctly

To add some volume to your hair, avoid washing your hair every day. This will keep your hair healthy and protect them from exterior aggressions. If you wash your hair every day, you risk damaging it even more since it can’t produce its own natural oils. You should wash your hair 3-4 times a week with cold water.

14. Switch from artificial products to natural ones

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When you buy hair products, take the time to read the label, and avoid buying products that contain chemicals. If you want thick and voluminous hair, it is best to stick with natural products. You can even make your own hair products.

13. Dry your hair properly


To give volume to your hair, dry your hair downwards, take a hairbrush and use a hairdryer to dry your hair.

12. Eat well

How you eat reflects in your hair. Sure enough, your hair, like your body, needs vitamins, proteins, and nutrients. If you have food deficiencies, you can always take some food supplements.

11. Use curlers


If you have time, after washing your hair, use curlers and wrap them around your hair from tip to root. Your hair will become wavy and full of volume.

10. Rinse your hair with oat milk


Put 4 tablespoons of oat flakes in a litre of water. Boil the oat water and then sift the oats. Keep the oat milk and rinse your hair with it.

9. Bathe your hair in henna


Mix some henna with hot water and put it in your hair. Wait 30 minutes before rinsing.

8. Make your own clay hair mask


Choose the right kind of clay for your hair (green, pink, or white clay). Rinse your hair, dilute the clay with lukewarm water and put it in your hair. Leave it there for 15 minutes and then wash your hair with shampoo.

7. Pour some beer into your hair


To have voluminous hair, mix a glass of beer with 2 glasses of water, and pour the mixture on your hair. Massage your scalp and leave it for a couple of minutes before rinsing it.

6. Wash your hair with cold water


To eliminate static in your hair, wash them at a maximum temperature of 30 °C. You can also buy a volumizing shampoo (buy one without silicone). Rinse your hair with cold water to invigorate them and to make them shine.

5. Avoid conditioner


Avoid putting conditioner in your hair so you don’t weigh down your hair. Instead, use a detangling product.

4. Keep your volume
  • Place your hair in rollers and dry them.
  • Spray some hairspray in your hair to keep them bouncy and to get rid of any static.
  • If you have short hair, use an argyle based hair product.

3. Avoid brushing your hair too often

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Use a silk or a boar bristle brush to brush your hair for 2 minutes. Avoid using your fingers so you won’t get rid of volume.

2. Take supplements


To help your hair grow, take some hair supplements. Note though, that you will only see the wanted effects after 3 months of taking the supplement. To nourish and protect your hair, you can also take vitamin B and E, you can take some zinc and amino acid.

1. Put mousse in your hair

To give a little bit of oomph to your hair, why not add some volumizing mousse? With its great properties, your hair will stay beautiful all day!


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