Many women make these mistakes using their mascara

You think you know everything about your mascara? We have 15 things to teach you about your mascara that you probably never knew existed!


Most women often or regularly use mascara. It is a makeup bag staple. It’s affordable and allows us to add a bit of oomph to our look in two quick motions. Unfortunately, a lot of us don’t use our mascara brush to its full potential. Here are 15 practical and unusual things to know about mascara, the beauty MVP!

15. Don’t pump your mascara wand

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Avoid pumping your mascara wand in your mascara tube. You risk making the formula dry faster and allow bacterias to spread in your tube.

14. Don’t apply mascara twice

If you’ve already applied mascara, avoid putting another layer on. Why not add a cat eye instead or a smokey eye?

13. Don’t curl your eyelashes after applying mascara


This might be the worst mascara error ever! If you curl your eyelashed after applying mascara you risk breaking and damaging your lashes.

12. Keep your favourite mascara wand

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If you like your mascara wand but not the mascara formula. Keep the wand and switch mascaras. All you have to do is clean your mascara brush with lukewarm water and mild soap, and let it dry completely. You’ll get the best of both worlds!

11. Brush your eyebrows

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If you don’t have a eyebrow brush just use an old (and washed) mascara wand. Brushing youe eyebrows makes them them look better and you will get rid of foundation marks that can accumulate on your eyebrows.

10. Get rid of mascara clumps

If your mascara tends to create clumps, use an old mascara wand as a brush. Make zigzag-like movements through your lashes.

9. Tame your baby hairs

Spray a bit of hairspray on a clean mascara wand and pass it through your hair to tame them.

8. Push back your cuticles


Put some extra-virgin olive oil or a cuticle solution on your nails and then rub the base of your nails and the outline of your nails with a clean mascara wand.

7. Clean your pearls and precious stones

You can recycle your mascar wand. It is ideal to get rid of dust and clean your favourite jewellery.

6. Clean hard to reach places

Take your clean, recycled mascara wand to clean all the hard to reach places in your house, like your sink.

5. Look after your fake lashes


You can use your recycled mascara wand to take care of your fake lashes. Wash them with your brush and a bit of rubbing alcohol. They will last much longer this way!

4. Choose the right mascara

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If you wear glasses, choose a volumizing mascara to get thicker lashes. You don’t want longer lashes or else they will constantly stick to your glasses.

3. Defrost your mascara in the winter

If you leave your mascara in your bag or your car during the winter, there are chances that it might freeze. To defrost it, soak it in a glass of lukewarm water.

2. Exfoliate your lips

Put some hydrating cream (we recommend using some with vitamin E) or some lip balm on a clean mascara wand then scrub your lips with the wand to get rid of dead skin.

1. Make your own organic mascara

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Why not make your own homemade organic mascara? Recycle your mascara tube and the wand and use it to apply the mascara that you have created.


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