Here’s How To Save On Heating This Winter

Do you despise winter because of your heating bills? Here are brilliant ideas to heat your house without blasting on the heat!


The price of heating during the winter can escalate very quickly: nobody wants to be cold during that time of year or get sick because of the cold. For the sake of your budget, it is necessary to try to keep a modest electricty bill while living in a cozy environment. Here are a few ingenious ideas that will help you heat your house without blasting the heat.

15. Eliminate all the cracks in your window frames

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Even the smallest crack can let a large amount of hot air escape your house. Rachel Rothman, technical director and engineer at the Good Housekeeping Institute, recommends using a flash light or a candle to verify if there is any escaping air coming out of your window. At night, get someone to stand on the other side of your light source and if you can see them, it means that you have cracks in your window frames.

14. Close your shutters

When the sun has set, don’t forget to close your outdoor shutters. This simple trick will help you save heat from your house and will help you save on your heating bill.

13. Use silicone

Make sure your window frames are sealed. If that’s not the case, fill in the window joints with silicone using a spatula.

12. Reverse the wind direction of your ceiling fan


If you think your ceiling fan should only be used during hot and humid summer days, you are wrong: “by reversing the motor in winter and changing it to go clockwise, it creates an ascending current that pushes the hot air close to the ceiling towards the floor”, explains Rothman. This trick will help you feel warmer so you can reduce the heat on your thermostat and save more money (some reports show you can save up to 10% off your heating bill with this trick).

11. Warm yourself with a hot water bottle

It’s a relatively cheap object to buy that can warm you up for a long time. You can place it on your neck, on your stomach or simply close to you under some blankets.

10. Eat well and drink lots of hot beverages

During the winter months, make sure your diet includes a lot of vitamins, mineral salt and trace elements to fight the cold. Drink lots of tea, herbal tea and coffee to help you warm up.

9. Invest in better blankets


To stay warm while you sleep, make sure that your sheets are warm. An electric blanket always does the trick as long as you use it safely.

8. Invest in high quality curtains


When the sun is out, make sure your curtains are drawn apart so the sunlight can warm up your room but at night close them to add insulation. You can also add a thermal lining to save energy.

7. Insulate your doors


Don’t let cold air enter your room. All you have to do is seal your doors with a draft control device and you’lle stay nice and warm.

6. Cover your floors with carpet


Did you know that heat can dissipate through your floors? To avoid this, Sachs says to use carpets made with fabric like wool that offer insulation and help trap heat inside your home. Also, carpets are pleasant and comfortable for your feet.

5. Close the door of rooms you don’t often use


If your guestroom is hardly used, don’t spend money on heating it. Close the air vents and the door to maximize savings.

4. Install a programmable thermostat


Programmable thermostats help you heat your house in a more efficient way by reducing the temperature by a few few degrees when you are not home.

3. Check your roof for possible leaks

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“Rain, snow and debris can dammage your roof”, explains Rothman. To ensure that the cold air doesn’t infiltrate into your home, you may want to ask a professional to make the apropriate renovations on your roof before winter comes.

2. Cover yourself


This seems obvious, but wear a wool sweater (merino and mohair wool is softer against the skin than normal wool) to warm you up and buy some wool slippers too!

1. Invest in a throw

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Shop around in home and decor stores and invest in a nice throw. You can place it on your couch or on a chair for easy access and it’s a nice addition to your room.


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