25 Inspiring Ideas to Make Your Bedroom Worthy of a Home Decor Magazine

Interior decorating takes time and patience. Here are 25 tips that will help you decorate your bedroom and make it look bigger.


Decorating your home can be quite a long process and difficult. Creating a more spacious room without any big renovations can be tricky. This is why we have made a list of tips that could help you in your room decorating. Whether you need to add some accessories to your room, you need more light or you simply want to change the colour of your walls, you will certainly find some inspirations among those we propose. Here are 25 suggestions to add some brightness to your room or to change up your decor.

25. Place your curtains as high as you can


If you place your curtains near the ceiling, the windows will seem bigger than they really are.

24. Opt for light coloured wallpaper with a vertical pattern


We know that using a dark coloured wallpaper will make your room look smaller. It is the same with horizontal lines. To make a room look more spacious, choose a light wallpaper with a vertical pattern.

23. Choose glass furniture with feet


All your furniture (sofas, low tables, wardrobes, etc.) should all seem to be “sliding” on the floor and not right on the floor. This effect works by choosing glass furniture.

22. Install an optical illusion


Stick on your wall a giant poster to give depth and brightness to your room. Use images of the ocean, clouds or clear spaces to have maximum luminosity.

21. Add a large carpet to your room

Meubles de Chambre a Coucher Idees 2018

A lot of people think that you shouldn’t have a large carpet in a small room but this is not true. The contrary makes your room look bigger.

20. Avoid chandeliers


If your room isn’t very big, a big chandelier will make your room look even smaller since it needs a lot of space. It’s better to use floor lamps around the perimeter of the room to make it look bigger.

19. Add a lot of lights


Don’t hesitate to have numerous light sources, whether it’s floor lamps or strings of lights.

18. Buy pale furniture


Opt for light coloured and low furniture. You don’t want to give an appearance of “overload” to your room.

17. Get lightweight curtains


Forgot about opaque and thick curtains. Install thin curtains to let more light come in your room. If you can, don’t even install any curtains.

16. Have mirrors

Sonia Saelens déco

Install a mirror on a wall facing a window. It will also catch a lot of light.

15. DIY a geometric painting


With acrylic paint and masking tape, paint different geometric shapes. This will add punch to your decoration!

14. Install flower pots on your walls


Why place your flower pots on the floor when you can hook them on your walls! Use glue or nails to fix them on the wall.

13. Add a shelf to your room decor


A shelf will add a little something to your decor as well as being a great storage place. You can add a touch of colour to it if you are a skilled painter.

12. Use monogram


Wood lettering is simple but very useful. Don’t hesitate to use it to personalize your room.

11. Install perforated wood pannels


This is a great idea if you need more storage space in your room. The perforated wood pannels are very pretty on walls, whether it’s on your wardrobe or above your dresser.

10. Make a flower wall


For a touch of romanticism in your room, hang strings of fake flowers on your wall. Use colourful tape to fix them vertically.

9. Try stripes


They add a dynamic effect to every type of decor! A must try!

8. Hang an aquarelle painting


Why not let your inner artist come out by trying aquarelle painting?

7. Use permanent markers


Decorate your walls with permanent markers. The possibilities are endless: geometric shapes, writing, etc. Remember being a child and your parents were angry you drew on your bedroom walls? Now’s the time to redo it minus the argument!

6. Hang a big roll of brown writing paper


Not only is it useful but it is also very pretty! You can write poems, daily ideas or beautiful quotes!

5. Dare to use printed wallpaper

Decor Interieur

Install a graphic wallpaper add punch to your room. Avoid using it on every wall of your room since it will make your room darker.

4. Mix different styles

Paul Bowyer

Don’t hesitate to mix different styles. You can have tapestry with stone, ethnic cushions with metallic bedside tables. Let your imagination run wild!

3. Add pastel colours to your room


To add some freshness to your room, opt for a pastel colour like a sea green or a sky blue.

2. Add an office space in your room

Laetitia Tomassi

If you don’t have a lot of space in your room, don’t hesitate to optimize your space by adding an office corner. It’s a great idea to save space and to have a cozy room.

1. Get a shoe rack


Experts advise to find an ingenious way to store all your shoes, boots, sneakers, high heels, etc. For example, you can create or buy some drawers to store your shoes in. You will have more free space, and your room will be much more organized.

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