15 Foods to Avoid Eating Right Before Going to Sleep

Do you have difficulty sleeping? Maybe it's caused by your eating habits. Here are 10 foods to ban during dinnertime.


It is well known that the quality of your sleep and therefore, your energy level,  is influenced by a ton of different factors like physical activity, stress and some particular foods. Food has a big impact on the quality of your sleep, and so, on your health. You should avoid some liquids and some foods before going to bed. Here are some foods that you should not eat or drink to get a good night’s sleep.

15. Alcohol


Contrary to what you may think, alcohol does not help you sleep. It is quite the opposite. This beverage disrupts your sleep cycles and dehydrates you. Alcohol can also increase  sleep disorders. Why not trade your glass of wine for a good herbal tea? You’ll have a lot more energy the next morning and your bank account will be even more full!

14. Cheese


When your body has absorbed all the necessary amino acids to function properly, the hormone production that is linked to sleep regulation is reduced. Cheese can create digestive inflamations and headaches with some people. It is better to have milk or yogourt since these products contain tryptophan, an amino acid precursor of serotonin. That little change will buy you some hours of good sleep!

13. Deli meats

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Don’t eat too many deli meats because they are very fatty and have many additives that are bad for your health. They can irrate your digestive system and cause gastric reflux. It is better to buy healthy and nutritious foods such as fruit. In addition, they are cheaper to buy!

12. Fried foods

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Fried foods are difficult to digest and most people that eat some get stomach cramps and gastric reflux. We suggest that you do not cook your food this way if you want to claim a good night’s rest.

11. Meat


Meat takes a long time to digest because of its percentage of fat and its proteins. If you go to sleep after eating a lot of meat, your body will concentrate itself on digesting the meat and not on sleeping. In addition, university studies keep saying that raising animals for human consumption is bad for the environment. Therefore, there are many good reasons not to eat this food.

10. Ice cream and chocolate


These two foods are rich in sugar which equals to short-term energy. Ice cream contains fat and chocolate contains caffeine, which does not help with sleep. If you want a late night dessert, have yogurt or antistress foods like nuts, bananas, figs or an apple.

9. Candy


Refined sugar is obviously not good for your sleep. Sugar slows down your metabolism and can also make you have nightmares and increases your stress levels. This can also be the cause of multiple dental treatments.

8. Spicy sauces


Spicy sauces can provoke a decrease in acids in your stomach that provoke irritations. They are often very caloric also so it is best to eat some with moderation.

7. Broccoli

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Since broccoli is rich in fiber and sulfur, it can be hard to digest. It can cause stomach aches and gas. Try not to eat it during dinner if you want to sleep well.

6. Oats

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Although oats are a healthy food, we suggest that you avoid them before bedtime. In fact, consuming this food before going to bed would not give you enough time to go to bed, which could lead to bloating and gastric reflux.

5. Salad

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It is surprisingly forbidden to eat salad in the evening. Even if the salad is good for your health, it is a diuretic. Therefore, you could spend a good part of the night going to the bathroom instead of sleeping soundly… Prevention is better than trying to recover from a bad night sleep!

4. Tomato


It’s no secret: tomatoes are extremely sour. It affects not only digestion, but also the brain because of noradrenaline, a substance composed of one of its amino acids. If you usually buy a ton of tomatoes every week, try eating them in the morning instead of in the evening.

3. Water


Although water is the healthiest drink available, you should be careful how much you drink before going to bed. Indeed, you don’t want to break your sleep cycle by a sudden urge to urinate. It is therefore better to hydrate throughout the day.

2. Orange juice

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Orange juice is another drink to avoid before going to bed. Not only is this beverage sweet, it is also acidic. As a result, you may suffer from gastric reflux during the night, which never guarantees a good restorative sleep.

1. Soft drinks


Soft drinks are not only bad for your metabolism and your sleep, but they are also bad because they increase the glucose count in your blood. The ingredients in soft drinks can also cause refluxes and can irratate your stomach which can lead you to follow several drug treatments to overcome these unpleasant ailments. You should avoid drinking these beverages before going to bed.