These tips for your home appliances will save you time and money

You probably have many appliances in your home, but do you know how to take care of them? Here's are the dos and don'ts!


We all have tons of appliances in our homes. Even though they can be quite expensive, they are essential to our daily lives. They make our life a lot easier and help us save time. It is therefore normal to want to take care of them to keep them as long as possible. Find out how to take better care of your home appliances.

5. Your dryer

Unfortunately, many people are faced with household fires because of the lack of upkeep of their dryer. You should always remove the excess lint from your dryer and take the time to clean the lint screen every time you use the appliance. It’s always good to take the time to check the vents around the filter’s mouth and to take the time to check the back of your dryer. Also, once a year you should ask a professional to clean the inside of your appliance.

4. Your fridge and freezer

The compressor, which is part of the cooling system, is the most expensive part to fix in a fridge or freezer. Usually, you have a 5 year guarantee for the compressor. To take good care of the it, you should regularly take the dust off the coil condenser. You can do that by vacuuming close to the grill at the back or the bottom of the appliance. Make sure you take off the dust in the air traps. It is also recommended to delicately brush the surface of the coils and the space between them.

3. Your dishwasher

It is important to know that if your rack is notched, your dishwasher will not clean dishes anymore. Rust will take over your appliance and your dishes themselves. To take good care of your dishwasher, you should always use proper detergents, hand wash sharp knives, pans, strainers and other sharp utensils. You should never try to force in too many dishes into the dishwasher. Once a month, you should add a descaling agent to your detergent. Make sure any sharp utensils you wash are in the appropriate basket.

2. Your washer

You can replace most parts of your washer by going to a specialty store. Be aware that if your drum or outer tub breaks, your washer is usually irreparable. When your washer drum is broken, your clothes can get damaged and if the outer tub breaks you might be faced with water leaks. To avoid these problems, you should never wash anything that has heavy metal fastenings. You should always check the pockets of your clothes for metal objetcs like coins before putting them in the wash. It is also good to avoid overloading your machine. Overloading your machine can wear parts of your machine, such as bearings and the suspension.

1. Your glass or ceramic stovetop

It is very important to properly maintain this type of stovetop because repairing them is very expensive. To avoid having to spend money on repairs, you should never hit the surface of a glass or ceramic stovetop. We also suggest you use a flat-bottomed pan when cooking. Always make sure that the bottom of the pan is not bigger than the burner. It is also recommended to use the appropriate cleaning products. If you spill food on your stove, clean it immediately.