10 Amazing Clothing Hacks You Didn’t Know About

Do you have several pieces of clothes that you have not worn for many years ? Why don't you transform them with these 10 amazing clothing hacks.


Do you have several pieces of clothes that you have not worn for many years because you find that their fabric is worn out or that you are simply not into this style anymore? Why don’t you transform them to give them a second life? With a little imagination, you can create new, original items that you will wear as if they were new. Here are 10 amazing clothing hacks you didn’t know about.

1. Turn a long tank into a bodysuit

Lay over a pair of underwear on the bottom of your tank.

Cut the outline. Do not cut at the top.

Sew snap buttons at the bottom of your new bodysuit.

And there you have a new personalized bodysuit.

2. Un foulard transformé en tunique

  • Fold your scarf in two.
  • Knot the ends tight.
  • Wear it as a shirt passing your arms through the wholes.
  • Add a belt to define your waist.

3. Original shirt

Upgrade your sweater with a heat-adhesive sticker. Let’s bet that this shirt will soon become your favorite shirt, especially because you are the only one in the world to have it in your closet.

4. Wearing a skirt as a cute top

  • Select a light skirt (do not opt for a pencil model or a wide model).
  • Wear your skirt under your armpits.

5. Convert your old dress in a skirt

  • Wear your dress.
  • Tuck the sleeves inside.
  • Slide the dress on your hips as if it was a skirt.
  • Adjust your dress to hide as many folds as possible and wear your top over.
Obviously, this thing does not work with all dresses: your dress should be tight enough to the body and mostly sleeveless. In addition, its fabric should not be too fluid.

6. Styled and recycled sweater

This tip is very trendy! You can also do this DIY with a lighter fabric for the summer.

  • Select the sweater you want to customize and cut your back vertically with a chisel.
  • Add velcro in the top part to hold the two sections of the sweater.

7. Create a sexy top with a man’s blouse

  • Put on a man’s blouse. Do not button the top 3 button.
  • Slide it to your chest like a bustier.
  • Tie the sleeves in your neck.

8. Turn your old sneakers into fluorescent shoes

In a bowl, put baking soda, vinegar, water and mix with an old toothbrush. Always with the toothbrush, apply this mixture on your shoes. Let dry. Remove the excess mixture by hitting the shoes on top of each other. Apply fluorescent paint on them.

9. A sweater transformed into a scarf

  • Choose a sweater with thick and airy mesh.
  • Put on the sweater but don’t put on the sleeves, tie them under the opening.

10. DIY stencil lace

Take a piece of lace that you like and lay it down on the fabric you want to transform such as your favorite white pants. It’s perfect for personalizing any light-colored piece of clothes.

11. Watch the video below to find out over 15 extra tips.


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