Tips to stay alert and awake when coffee is not enough

If you have any trouble sleeping at night, it might be time to read one of our tips. Sometimes coffee is just not strong enough!


A study found that workers who get to the office earlier have better reputation to the eyes of their bosses than those who are late, even if those who arrive earlier also leave before the others. Unfortunately, not everybody likes, or is biologically adapted, to get up with the sun. However, that does not mean it’s impossible. Here are some sleeping tips you should use.

1. Personalize your room


To have a nice awakening, you must obviously have a good night of sleep. It is therefore ingenious to invest in a comfortable bed and decorate your room so that it is soothing and relaxing.

2. Air your bedroom

It is important to ventilate your room during the day. So, in the evening, you will sleep much better, because the air will have been renewed.

3. Cook the night before


To avoid wasting time in the morning and unnecessary stress , why not prepare your breakfast the night before? You can cook your meal and prepare the table. So when you get up, all you have to do is eat your food.

4. Prep the night before

It is very uncomfortable to search for keys, lunch, documents and gloves 5 minutes before leaving home. Make sure all your things are ready to go in advance. You will avoid a lot of stress.

5. Track your sleeping cycles

The sleep tracker allows you to observe your sleep cycles. Thus, it adjusts to your cycles so that you can get up smoothly and in shape.

6. Personal time

Save yourself some time to rest in your schedule. There is not only yoga or meditation that can help you to relaxe. We suggest you simply take some time for yourself, ideally before bedtime, whether to start a novel, take a bath, drink herbal tea, etc. In short, try to relax at least 30 minutes before going to bed. You will sleep better and be able to get up early.

7. Arrêtez de reporter votre réveil

Hitting the “Snooze” button on your alarm clock may make you think that you are getting more time to rest, but do not be fooled.

As Jessica Orwig of Business Insider reported, when you press “Snooze” and go back to sleep, you enter another sleep cycle that you will not be able to complete. The result can be a fatigue that lasts all day.

Many believe that you must start with the right mindset. Before going to bed, tell yourself that you will wake up as soon as your alarm sounds the next day. You will not press the Snooze button. See you waking up and getting out of bed immediately, it will help you do it for real when the time comes.

8. Be grateful

Starting your morning with a positive attitude can help shaping the rest of your day. There would be a direct correlation between gratitude and happiness, so it’s best to start your day by expressing your gratitude.

Positive psychologists advise people to write three good things that happened during their day before going to bed , as well as an explanation of why they are happy thoughts. However, you can easily adapt this exercise for the morning and think about three things you are grateful for in general.

9. “Dark sessions”

“Dark sessions” involve closing all forms of technology and all lights for 10 to 30 minutes before going to bed. The idea is to enjoy the darkness and calm that surround you.

Science suggests that using digital technology before going to bed can prevent you from falling asleep quickly and not waking up later. This is because the blue light emitted by the screens can interfere with the production of the sleep hormone, which basically tells the body to stay awake.

10. Be active

The ideal is to do your workout in the morning, even if it’s only stretching. It’s a great way to move your body and get your blood flowing and it’s especially good for people who have trouble concentrating and being productive in the morning.

If you are looking for extra motivation to get up early to exercise, apparently doing exercise before breakfast helps with weight loss and gives you a boost.

11. Stay hydrated

Every night while you sleep, you exhale water, which means you wake up slightly dehydrated. Keep a drink or a bottle of water next to your bed and drink it as soon as you get up in the morning.

It should help you feel better in the morning. Spending too long without drinking anything can make you feel unmotivated and tired.

12. Write one page per day

Just as the fact that your body is in motion can help you, working your mind can too. You can write anything, whether it’s what you think, what you’re grateful for or your goals, as long as it’s stimulating.

Writing can help you feel happy and motivated to start your day.

13. Go outside

Keep your shoes, shorts, t-shirt and water bottle next to your bed. As soon as you wake up, get out as soon as possible for a walk or a run. Try to find the right time for you to wake up, until you find your favorite.

Just standing in front of a sunny window can have the same effects on you, as a doctor specialized in sleep told Business Insider. Whatever you do, do not get ready in a dark room, it will only signal to your brain that it is night.

14. Silence and rest

Meditation is suggested every morning. Apparently, even if you only sleep 6 hours a night, if you control your meditation, you will be able to focus and get through your day with what seems like a lack of sleep.

You’ll also be in good company: celebrities like Kobe Bryant, Jerry Seinfeld and Oprah Winfrey start their day in silence.

15. Create a routine

Some scientists say that our motivation is limited and that when we spend it early in the day, it becomes harder to stay concentrated. However, other scientists do not agree.

Try to let your brain function automatically in the morning and keep those mental resources for when you really need them. You will see if that helps you.

16. Stay productive

To be fully productive at work in the morning, exerts found that the two hours following your alarm clock are mostly propitious to productivity . You should use this time to do a “deep job”.

Indeed, psychologist Dan Ariely says that people are generally more productive whenever they activate their brand early in the morning, reported New York Magazine. So instead of checking your emails and social media feeds, you should have your brain work on the most complex tasks that require the most concentration.

17. Stay consistent on weekends

Ideally, you should not sleep too much during your holidays. Experts say that waking up much later than usual could affect your body’s internal clock.

Try to see your weekend as days that really belong to you. You want to have as much time as possible to spend on your favorite activities rather than sleep all day long and not be able to gully enjoy your time off.


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