10 Survival Hacks That Will Save Your Life in the Cold

Here 10 survival hacks to prevent from power outages or snowstorms because you never know when Mother Nature will streak in the winter.


Winter is probably the most hated season of all. It is not very surprising… The weather conditions are leading the most dangerous accidents on the road. Here is why we should take some preventing measures for power outages or snowstorms because you never know when Mother Nature will streak in the winter. Here are 10 survival hacks that could be very practical for the cold season.

10. If your car is caught in the snow

The solution to your problem is the cat litter! Make sure the box is sealed since the smell of a litter is quite strong.

9. Keep empty plastic bags around

They can protect your shoes if you do not have boots in winter …

8. Ingenious trick for your frozen keyhole

Coat your key in hand sanitizer.

7. Thin layers of clothing

When dressing up, remember that you should dress like an onion with thin multiples layers. You will have greater freedom of movement and will feel warmer.

6. Always be ready to face a snowstorm

Have non-perishable food for each member of the family. Canned beans are good such as canned potato and pasta.

5. Be ready for emergencies

Make sure you have an emergency kit in your home and car. This set should contain:

  • flashlight
  • batteries
  • cans
  • candles
  • can opener
  • lighter
  • matches
  • money
  • blanket
  • basic tools
  • a first aid kit
  • water

4. Don’t ever eat a snowball

It can be harmful if it cools your body temperature, which makes it expend more energy to warm you up.

3. Avoid frostbite

In addition to wearing gloves, a scarf and a hat, apply vaseline and baby oil on your skin.

2. Detecting hypothermia

A person suffering from hypothermia loses heat quickly. The temperature of the body can go down to 95 ° F. The first sign of hypothermia will be shivering. The heart rate will increase, the person will be confused, tired and will be nauseous and have trouble breathing.

1. For more details on these survival hacks watch the video below.

Source: TheRichest