10 Unusual Uses of plastic Zipper Bags

Ziploc bags are usually advertised and used for food, but there are many other uses you may not know about. Here is a list of 10 ways to use them.


Ziploc bags are usually advertised and used for food, but there are many other uses you may not know about. Discover these 10 brilliant and simple ways to use them that can be really helpful.

10. Mobile device protection

If you want to use your tablet as a recipe book or only if your tablet is always ending up dirty, you’ll love this advice. Mommy Savers recommends placing your tablet or your phone in a Ziploc bag. The touch screen will always work through the bag and you will avoid risks such as dropping it in the water.

9. Ice pack for body pain

Fill a bag of water or dish soap, put it in the freezer and you will have ice pack available at all times for a nice relief. If you are looking for one of those ice pack that mold your body, opt for dish soap instead of water.

8. Pastry bag

Just like in the preview trick, make a hole at the bottom of your bag and fill it with a pastry topping. Turn the bag on itself to push the filling towards the hole, then decorate your cakes easily with delicious icing.

7. Best marinade

Crédit ziploc

Foodies already know this easy trick for marinades. According to Saving Star, you should simply put all the ingredients in a Ziploc bag. Let the juices seep into the meat, fish or vegetables overnight to taste the best marinade ever.

6. Stretch your shoes

If your shoes are too small or brand new, fill two Ziploc bags with water, then insert them into your shoes. Then put your shoes in the freezer for the whole night. The water will expand while transforming into ice, so it will stretch your shoes just enough for what you need.

5. How to restore your jeans

Fold your pair of jeans and put them in a Ziploc bag. Seal and place the bag in the freezer. Keep the jeans frozen for a whole week. They will feel as comfortable as they were when you bought them.

4. Cleaning your shower head


To clean your shower head, fill a Ziploc bag with white vinegar and wrap the shower head inside. Close the bag with a rubber band and let it sit overnight. The next day, the shower head will be like new.

3. Dealing with a lot of medications

If you are on several medications, you know how difficult it is to remember if  the right medicines were taken at the right time. You must then sort out the drugs using small plastic bags when you go on vacation. You simply have to take small bags and put a label on with the date and time.

2. Air freshener

Gather your favorite herbs in a Ziploc blag, then cut a small hole. You will get a stronger smell if the herbs are freshly cut from the garden. Change your bag every 2 weeks.

1. Dirty shoes

If you are leaving on a trip and wish you could bring your favorite dirty shoes. No need to get your whole suitcase dirty, simply store your shoes in a large Ziploc bag.


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