Get Rid of Bugs With This Very Useful Simple Trick

Do you have enough flies around you during mealtime or, worse, during the night? Try this simple trick and it will change your life.


Warm weather rhymes with invasion of unpleasant bugs. Of course, summer is the season we are most concerned about with flies in particular. They are constantly turning around us, bothering us. It feels like nothing can stop them from coming into our home as they constantly invaded our privacy. With our natural ways to get rid of these little unwanted friends, you will also offer a better environment for your family. Indeed, household and lawn bug killers often contain insecticidal chemicals called organophosphates, which are toxic to the nervous system and have been linked to developmental problems in children.

1. Here is an ugly fly. Very gross… right? 

Every summer, the human race is having struggles trying to get rid of these invading their house.

2. All you have to do is fill a Ziploc bag with water and some other household items to say: Goodbye flies!

3. First, pour two and a half cups of water into a mixing bowl.

4. Then add a generous handful of salt mixed between two and three squirts of lemon juice. Brew everything together.

Once this step is done, pour your liquid into your Ziploc. The last step is to add a few pennies to the bag.

5. The contents inside each bag have natural repellent properties against insects that will keep them away from your home.


6. This method is sustainable because all you need is a small part of the ingredients. Like the picture above, you should always add a tag on your solution to remind your kids they shouldn’t be playing with the bag around the house.

7. Finally, take your bag filled with the solution and hang it over your front door or the main entrance of your home.

8. Say goodbye to flies and enjoy your summer in peace!


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