10 Tips And Tricks To Keep Your Car Cleaner Than It’s Ever Been

Stop looking for valuable reason to have an unorganized car and let's give it your best shot. Here are 10 tips and tricks to keep your car clean.


Do you actually have time to spend hours cleaning the inside and outside of your car? Whether the answer is “yes” or “no”, having tricks to simplify your task will certainly not be rejected. Indeed, here are 10 tips that will simplify the cleaning of your vehicle and that will make it like a new one.

10. Start with the beginning.

This is the most important step. Not having all your accessories at hand can lead to incomplete work. Instead of taking your products one by one because you do not find the right one, be prepared in advance to avoid damage to your vehicle. The trick, put all the products in the two buckets that you will use for this task.

9. Use your old socks to clean the inside.

If the inside of your car is dirty and you do not want to get your hands dirty, an old sock can easily do the trick. It absorbs dust and allows to go further in the corners. Simply spray a little cleaner on it and pass it around.

8. Do not use only one cloth.

Hand with microfiber cloth cleaning car.

To clean the interior, do not just take one cloth, because it will eventually extend the dirt rather than eliminate it. Instead, apply the cleaning product to a paper towel or a microfiber cloth and use it to dispense the product. Use a second towel completely clean to wipe it all. What you have left is a much more thorough cleaning.

7. Get rid of stains with Cola soft drink.

If you have insects or debris that are stuck on your headlights, do not scrub for hours to take off!

  1. Pour Coke on a sponge;
  2. Wipe it;
  3. Rinse.

You will be surprised to notice that everything goes easily without rubbing.

Warning : do not apply on the car’s painting.

6. Toothpicks are your allies.

Tight cracks or small holes are abundant in a car. Unfortunately, dust and sticky crumbs like to stay there. To clean these areas, wrap a tissue around a toothpick.

You can even use a toothpick to re-paint to fix the very tiny imperfections.

5. Two buckets rather than one.

The first bucket serves for water and soap mixed together, while the second bucket only contains water.

After washing a section of your car with a cloth, sponge or glove, you rinse it in the water bucket only before immersing it in the soap. This ensures that you do not put the dirt with the soap.

4. How to clean your windshield?

It is frustrating to see marks on the windows after having washed them. Sometimes it just gets worse after trying to clean everything up.

TIP : Clean the outer glass in horizontal movements and clean the inner glass in vertical movement. You will save time and you will not have the line problem in the glass.

Additional Tricks :Try wiping your glass with newspaper and not putting it in the sun while you are washing it.

3. Use garment detergent

If you do not want to buy a special soap for the interior of your car, it’s okay! What you can do instead is to buy a bottle of mild detergent that works on most fragile fabrics.

Dilute with water at a ratio of at least 8: 1 in a spray bottle. Simply rinse or wipe after cleaning with it.

2. Do not wipe in different directions.

Never use a thin towel or a worn cloth to dry your car. Any dirt will ruin the finish result.

Use a soft, thick towel instead. Any rough debris is more likely to be trapped inside.

1. Use a hard brush for white seats.

We tend to use small sweepers to clean the interior of our vehicles. Even though they work well, cracks and nooks are often spared. With a stiff brush, it’s easier to achieve everything. Leave the headrests and go down to the floor.

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