[Photos] 25 Meals From the 60’s and 70’s That Aren’t Cooked Anymore

Were these cooked at your place?


Family dinners are what gather most families together. As we grow up, the same good old habits stay and we keep on eating the family’s famous recipes. They are things like your grandmother chocolate cake or your mom’s spaghetti that are undeniably the best meal in the whole wide world.

However, there is always one dish that we can’t even smell. One that has us become the best liar ever to make the most random excuse to run away from eating it. Well, back in the ’60s to the ’70s, we would probably have lied over and over again to get away from these recipes. These were frequently cooked in the 1960s and the 1970s. We are curious to know if it’s still being cooked in this century… Which of these 10 original and vintage recipes would you eat and which would you avoid?

1. Bananas and Ham Hollandaise

The American Table

This is a mustard-coated Ham, wrapped around bananas and covered in hollandaise sauce. Its smell will freeze your blood at first and won’t warm it with its taste. We suggest keeping a wastebasket around just in case. 

2. Ring-Around-the-Tuna


This also looks like every vintage recipe which we could describe as suspended food in plasma. First, who would like to eat veggies and jelly together? Then add tuna… It is too much. Let’s say their attempt at creating food of the future has failed.

3. Summer Salad Pie


Cheddar cheese pie crust with tomato-lemon jelly and tune fish icing. You read well, tuna is topping this amazing meal to gather weird unwanted flavours.

4. Cup Steak Pudding

Take 5

That will have your head spinning for answers, but unfortunately, there was someone who once thought mixing beef powder with pudding could make a winning meal. Wrong! It’s a simple mess.

5. Mayflower Mould 



Jelly here and that was pretty much the base line for any recipes around those years. Too bad nobody stood up against it because it never gets good.

6. Liver Sausage Pineapple


Here you have 1 pound liver sausage, 1 tablespoon lemon juice, 1 teaspoon of Worcestershire sauce, 1 1/4 cup of mayonnaise and 2 teaspoons of unflavoured gelatin all blended together to get the pineapple shape. To garnish you add sliced stuffed olives, does that sound interesting? No, but it’s not the worst thing you will ever try.

7. Frosted Lime-Walnut Salad


You could expect a desert with lime and walnuts, but this is more like a special dish that you can’t categorize. Although, it’s supposed to be a salad. The pineapple, cottage cheese, lime Jell-O, celery, pimiento, and walnuts mixed together are creating a sweet taste. All in one, it tasted like a less sour key lime pie. Miraculously, not all vintage foods are bad!

8. Hot Dr. Pepper

“Hey, guys, let’s think of a new way to introduce Dr. Pepper to the masses for the holidays! Okay, so we’re all agreed to tell people to heat it in a pan? That’s brilliant!”

No, no, no, no, no, no, no, a thousand times no.

9. Pineapple Upside-Down Cake

And now we come to the only good recipe on this list, and probably the only one that has stood the test of time. His name is weird and he looks incredibly weird, but there are no weird ingredients in it! It’s just an ordinary cake! (Or, in a way.)

10. Spam ‘N’ Limas

No! Spam is disgusting! Lima beans are disgusting! Who thought these two things would be good together? This is a crime against humanity!

11. Party Potato Salad

The 1950s even had to go ahead and ruin a perfectly delicious food like potato salad! And putting it in a loaf of bread certainly doesn’t help here! As a general rule, you should never be able to slice your potato salad.

12. Super Supper Salad Loaf

I could barely get past the absurdity of the name of this thing, but the recipe is even worse: a one-and-a-half pound tube of bologna, a pack of mayonnaise and… a drum roll, please… some gelatin! Because, as we have established so far, the 1950s would not have been complete without the gluten-free use of gelatin.

13. Hot Dog Fondue

Who knew hot dogs could be so customizable?

14. Frozen Cheese Salad

Yep, it looks like a salad, don’t you think?

15. Perfection Salad

They play fast and loose with the terms “perfection” and “salad”, really.

16. Simple Supper Mould

A good dinner, trapped forever in a jelly prison. You even have the recipe if you ever want to try it. We wouldn’t really understand why, but it’s your choice.

17. Frosted Ribbon Loaf

I don’t care if the icing is cream cheese-based, it still doesn’t belong near “pretty layers of ham and egg stuffing.”

18. Ham and Pepper Stuffed Apples

Why would you stuff apples with anything, anyway?

19. Lobster Relish

A lobster has never looked so unattractive to me.

20. Kind of a stew

Why have separate foods on your plate when you can spend hours creating a beautiful, wobbly stew loaf?

21. Shrimp Sandwich Roll

Take something that probably tastes pretty decent and make it look like a vomit log. Just eating shrimps is quite boring, I guess.

22. Sexy-looking banana candles

Perfect for your friend’s birthday!

23. Baked Stuffed Salmon

And this is how you slaughter a salmon dish.

24. Jellied Tomato Refreshers

The Retro WW Experiment

A mix of gelatin and tomato with garlic, tabasco and Worcestershire sauce. People compare this recipe as a perfect fail of a Bloody Mary.

25. Glazed Potato Salad


Potato Salad with a gelatin and mayo glaze. Don’t even waste your time preparing this one to taste it. Simple grab a spoon and your favourite mayonnaise. It will taste the same!